Sundays with Gage- a tough decision

Max is nine years old.  We rescued him from a shelter when he was somewhere around one.  He is a terrier mix with lots of energy.  He has been a great dog and we love him very much.  Unfortunately, when two high-strung characters live in the same house sometimes it’s just too much insanity.  In March I wrote about some of the problems Max was having with a running Gage and I tried my best to keep them relatively separated unless I was right there.  A few weeks ago I was right there when Gage decided to fall onto a resting Max.  Max jumped up and growled and bared his teeth in Gage’s face for what seemed like forever.  I yelled, Gage cried, and Max was confused.  It was later that I would cry as I saw the need to try a separation.

Max loves Gage, but he has his limits.  Gage will be two next month and doesn’t understand limits.  So, I asked my parents if they would be foster parents for Max until spring and they said yes.  Knowing that Max will be spoiled and loved is a big consolation, but the bigger one is knowing that I can change my mind anytime.  My parents visit often and now Max will be visiting with them and we’ll see how it goes.

This was last Sunday before Max left.  They can be friends and I want Max back home as soon as possible, but that being said, not having the constant stress this week has been nice.

The house feels empty without Max and I miss him, but it was the best decision for right now even if it was a hard one.

35 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage- a tough decision

  1. Beth Hoffman says:

    Oh, thank goodness Max can stay with your mom and dad for a while. Hopefully when Gage is old enough to learn limits and gentleness, Max will be able to come home. You are a good mom, and a good furbaby mommy, too!

  2. Carol M says:

    I understand how you feel. My son and d-i-l just had a baby. He is three weeks old today! Their high strung poodle has been staying at her mom’s but I think they are getting him back this week and I’m worried. This dog has bitten a few people he didn’t know well when they got too close to my d-i-l. He is very protective of her and I’m afraid he might be jealous and try to hurt my grandson. I think you made the right decision for now. If there is a problem with my son’s dog I hope they will give him back to her mom before anything happens.

  3. Amy says:

    It’s a tough decision, Stacy, but I don’t think you had a choice. It’s great you have such wonderful parents willing to take Max. You now he’ll be well cared for. Hopefully when Gage is older you can all be together again.

  4. Nise' says:

    I am so glad Max can live with G & G. I hope it makes a tough decision a little bit easier. We were so fortunate with our dogs and the youngest. They were 12 when he was born and were so good with him and vice versa until they died 3 years later.

  5. Gage's Grandma says:

    We are enjoying having Max at our house. The interaction between dog and child can be worrisome. So we are more than happy to have Max for as long as it takes. Gage’s safety is the primary concern for all of us. You made the right decision.

  6. Jenners says:

    The fact that you know he has a loving home and can come back when Gage can understand limits makes this the perfect solution. And you can visit him too. I know you did the right thing for everyone.

  7. thetruebookaddict says:

    It’s lucky that you were able to catch things at this point and that you have someone who is willing to take him in. My older son, Gabe, was a late walker (about 18 months or so) and when he fell on our dog, Zach, who was sleeping (Zach was about 8 years old), Zach proceeded to knock him down and started biting him about the head. Luckily, I was right there and was able to pull him off before he did a lot of damage, but it was terrible. Head wounds, so there was a lot of blood. Plus, I was hysterical because I was having flashbacks of my sister’s very serious dog attack when she was six (she had to have extensive plastic surgery and over 100 stitches around her head, her ear, and her forehead). Luckily, Gabe only needed one stitch and he only has minimal scarring. However, we had to have poor Zach picked up. It was a hard decision, but we knew that we couldn’t take the chance of him biting or attacking another child, or, if we kept him, Gabe again or our younger son who was only four months old at the time. Gabe proceeded to be very dog phobic for many years. He’s almost 11 now and seems okay around dogs, but sometimes I still sense that fear. I wish we would have had someone who could have taken Zach in until the boys were a bit older because we loved him dearly. Again, I’m so glad that you have a chance to keep Max and can get him back around Gage when he’s a little older and understands more about animals.

  8. jennygirl says:

    I know this was such a tough decision, but at least your parents are taking Max. That works perfectly. You tried to make it work as long as you could, but you have to do the best thing, obviously. Don’t be sad. Everyone is happy now 🙂

  9. kaye says:

    How nice of your parents. My daughter had to get rid of her terrier for the same reasons. A nice older lady who wanted a small companion dog took him. Now she has a cat that loves to be mauled by little children. She’s a much better pet for the family.

  10. Literary Feline says:

    It is such a difficult decision, and I know all too well the stress that comes from having to keep a close eye on a dog and a young child. My dog was very jealous when Mouse was younger–and now that she’s more active and wants to engage the dog in play, it’s been a good lesson for all of us in learning/teaching boundaries, animal care, and caution. Even the nicest most peaceful dogs can act out, depending on the circumstances.

  11. Wrighty says:

    Such a hard decision but the right one. And how wonderful that Max is with your parents! He is still with family, he is safe and he is loved. You have to put Gage first and it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Max and Gage were just acting like Max and Gage. Unfortunately it’s not a good mix right now but hopefully it will be soon.

    We’ve always had pets too and it’s a constant process to keep everyone safe. We currently have a golden retriever and a chocolate lab who have been with us for years but my kids weren’t little when we got them. Now that we have grandchildren (4 & 10 months) I watch them carefully. Even though they love each other and the dogs are gentle, just a friendly tail wag can knock the kids down!

    Give yourself a break and don’t feel guilty! Moms have enough stress already! 🙂

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I don’t feel guilty as much as sad. Well, okay, there is SOME guilt. We had Jason’s dad bring his golden retriever last weekend and Gage could do whatever he wanted to that dog, so it’s a very kid friendly breed 🙂

  12. Heather says:

    Awww. Doggies are great but they are hard. Hopefully you can have him back soon or if you decide to just have visits with him. Pets are great but they are extra work. Good luck working it all out!

  13. Staci@LifeintheThumb says:

    That is a hard decision to make but at least Max is with your parents and hopefully as Gage gets older, they can create a bond that Max can handle. It’s hard for a dog who has been numero uno for so long to have to make way for baby. But it sounds like you really did your research and went for what is best for all of you!!

  14. Trish says:

    Oh Stacy. I’m so sorry that you had to make this decision but it was definitely the right one for you guys at this time. It’s wonderful that he’s at your parents in a loving home and that you’ll still be able to visit. Hugs to you guys!

  15. caspette says:

    I am so sorry you had to make that decision but thankful your parents could take Max. Once Gage knows boundaries it will be ok. J is still learning boundaries but we have cats so to date the “damage” to both sides has been limited and a cat generally runs away. I know how painful it is to give up a fur baby and I really am sorry you had to make that decision and go through it.

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