Bloggiesta Ole!

Fall is a busy time of year with school starting and with a number of other  blogging events going on, but we wanted to give everyone some  time to focus on those small tasks that fall by the wayside during busy times.  Bloggiesta is the perfect event to check off those to-do lists and also get  inspiration going into the wintry months! It’s also a great opportunity to  connect with other bloggers you may have not met before or haven’t talked to in  awhile. We’d love to have anyone interested to join in the fun!

I love to blog, but everyone who has a blog knows how time-consuming it can be.  I struggle to read, post and visit my other bloggy friends and I don’t have time to work on the basics of blog upkeep.  Two and half years ago I participated in my one and only Bloggiesta and accomplished and learned so much.  I think that year the biggest thing I learned and accomplished was how to back-up my blog.  Of course, this was BG (Before Gage) so I will not have as much time this go around, but I plan to join in as much as I can. My blog layout needs a little TLC and I can at least manage a mini-challenge or two.

It’s the weekend of September 28-30th, so hop on over to There’s a Book to sign up.  Your blog will thank you for it!

6 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Ole!

  1. caspette says:

    I am planning on doing Bloggiesta this yea first time ever! pretty excited. We might need to do our own encouragement/support group for Bloggiesta to make sure we do at least one post.

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