40’s not so bad, right? *with giveaway

So, what do I have in common with Mariah Carey, Taye Diggs, Winonah Ryder, Ewan McGregor, Mark Walberg, Sandra Oh, Lance Armstrong, Amy Poehler?  We all turn the big 4-0 this year.  I know it’s just a number but it has caused me some reflection in the past few weeks and you all have to pay for it!

This month I celebrate my 40th birthday, Jason and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary, and Gage turns 1!  That’s a full month of celebrating and I want to do some partying here too!

I plan on doing a self-indulgent post with giveaway and a bonus picture of me (that’s the self-indulgent part) everyday until my birthday. You won’t know when my birthday is until I post it so you’ll have to come back every day to see what goodies I’m offering and to see the this-is-Stacy’s life photo.  Just so you know I did finally find the very embarrassing photo of me hanging all over Jon Bon Jovi and I’m going to post it.


To start the month off right I’m offering a $20 B&N gift card to one lucky reader.  Just leave a comment telling me one good thing about turning 40 and you’ll be entered.  

I want to have lots of people stop by and help me celebrate this month so if you tweet about it you’ll receive an extra entry, just let me know who you are on Twitter.  Open until October 19th (Gage’s Birthday!)


This is how it all began 40 years ago.  I am somewhere around 4 months here.  Gage obviously has my hairline 🙂

42 thoughts on “40’s not so bad, right? *with giveaway

  1. Kay says:

    Stacy, your picture is precious! What a cutie! OK, something good about turning 40 – well, it’s a been there, done that kind of thing. Now it’s over and you can move on. 50 ain’t so bad either. LOL

  2. Carol M says:

    Turning 40 means you can stop worrying about turning 40. lol I wish I was turning 40 instead of being on my way to 65 but, on the other hand, it’s better than the alternative! lol Love the photo! I think Gage looks like you! 🙂

  3. Pinkim (kim wright) says:

    awww, what a cute baby….as for turning 40! I always felt lucky to be here, and since I am soon to be turning 53 that was a while ago…the reason? I am a 16.5 year breast cancer survivor, so enjoy every birthday Stacy, and every year you have with that special baby!

  4. DarcyO says:

    Life begins at 40, right? Actually, 40 isn’t so bad, and with age comes wisdom. Congrats on turning 40 and enjoy!

    Love the baby pic!

  5. Marce says:

    How exciting, my birthday is on Mon. I wonder if you are a Libra also, hmmmm :-). Look forward to celebrating with you.

    I’m 4 years behind you but I hear 40 begins a new loving yourself more, enjoying life more and an amazing sex life all over again, lol.

    Cute picture look forward to your celebrity crush one.

  6. christina says:

    Hey girl (muah to Gage!) So I’m on the age leading UP to 40 and my initially reaction to this question was, “Uh…well…let me read the comments and figure it out also!” Haha. BUT then I thought about my journey into my 30’s and how freaky that was (man didn’t 30 seem SO OLD!) and I realized that I also felt more confident. People began treating me like an Adult. (Even if the whole time I was all like, “why are they treating me this way? Don’t they know I still color?”). So, my hypothesis is that 40 brings about a I-don’t-care-what-anyone-else-thinks-I-know-me. You know, more insecurities out the window…and sure, maybe we have to fall into a rut every now and again, but it only reborns us (see how I totally made up a word right there? Oh yeah, props up to being 34 and feeling pretty powerful!, heh).

    All in all. Cheers to a new portion of your life. And keep blogging! And keep posting cutesy Gage pictures. I don’t want children AT ALL but I love living vicariously through my blogging buds.

  7. Stephanie D. says:

    Wait, wait, wait. Gage isn’t turning 1?! But, but (I sputter in disbelief ) Oh, my, this month is huge!

    40 is the new 30, just like 30 is the new 21. Didn’t you get the memo???

  8. jennygirl says:

    I think one good thing about turning 40, is that we are more confident of who and what we are. We know not to take crap from anyone, and that life is short so we should enjoy it. We are more sure of ourselves, and we rock. Isn’t 40 the new 30 anyway?
    I am about 2 years behind you so this is the attitude I’ve decided to asopt. Join me 🙂

    Happy birthday month 🙂

  9. Nise' says:

    I look forward to celebrating your way to 40! I agree with the thoughts about being more self-confident, realizing you are not perfect and never will be! Enjoy these years, I can certainly say, they get better. I am enjoying 51 more than I ever thought I would. 😉

  10. Amy says:

    Holy cow! That’s quite a month! Congratulations on all fronts!

    Your 40’s are supposed to be the best decade of your life so far so enjoy! A really great thing about turning 40 is you just don’t really care what people think anymore so long as you’re happy with the way your life is going!

    Happy Birthday – I have to say it everyday to make sure I say it on your actual birthday day!
    Enjoy, Stacy!

  11. softdrink says:

    I’m older than Markie Mark?? How did that happen?

    The best thing about turning 40 is that you can still check that 35 to 44 box on surveys and no one knows that you’re not in your 30s anymore!

    Happy birthday month!!

  12. Erin says:

    Great idea, and photo! Something good about turning 40 in your case: you get to do it surrounded by a loving family and cheered on by bookish friends 🙂

  13. Heather says:

    40s! Awesome! You are one year older and thus wiser too! Happy birthday to you and Gabe and happy anniversary as well! I think the 40s allow for just extreme awesomeness!!!! You were the cutest baby and Gage looks just like you!

  14. Tami says:

    Turning 40 was a blast! It brings a new level of acceptance and validation as an adult – someone who’s got herself together (whether you actually do or not) and is confident in her own skin. And the best thing about turning 40 is that it’s still a long way from turning 50, which so far hasn’t been as much fun. 🙂

    You can find me on Twitter as @mrschupa

  15. Mary says:

    Oh, the 40s are great years. You’ll love them! (and turning 50 was pretty great too ;)) I felt like I came into my own as an adult at 40. I didn’t care about what others thought – only my loved ones. Great pic, btw. Made me giggle.

  16. Teddyree says:

    Great pic, and the best thing about turning 40 (I’m 43 lol) is how much easier it is to not worry about what other people think. It’s like a switch has been flipped. I do what makes my loved ones and myself happy instead of trying to keep everyone happy. “40” is liberating!

  17. Carol says:

    Ah, adorable. I’m not 40 yet- 37 in November, but birthdays surrounded by family and friends are always good things.

    Our anniversary is this month, too, 12 years.

  18. Bumbles says:

    I always thought the 40’s meant I would be crossing some old person line in the sands of time. And then I realized Mother Nature doesn’t feel it is old at all – she proved that by letting me give birth and raise a newborn at 40.

  19. Jenners says:

    Oh this is going to be so much fun!! I love it! I can’t wait to see more photos and watch you grow up!!

    And the 40s are the best. You are old and wise enough to stop caring what everyone thinks but young enough to get out there and do what you want. Trust me … you’ll love it!

  20. Margot says:

    Happy birthday in advance. Sounds like you are taking a positive approach to “aging”. The best thing about 40 is you know who you are and you’re happy with the results. Or if not, who cares. I’d happily take 40 again. You want to swap me?

  21. alitareads says:

    Wow, what an eventful month you have coming up! I agree with everyone else, it seems that after 40 you become more sure of yourself, more ‘you’.

    Happy early birthday!

  22. holdenj says:

    I agree, 40 does seem to be a magic age (that’s no where near as old as it used to be :)) that it’s seems easy to be yourself. Have a wonderful birthday month!!

  23. Kris T. says:

    After I turned 40 (just a couple of years ago), it seemed as though my opinions at work were taken more seriously. Then again, perhaps my analysis is just better now! Thanks for the chance to win the B&N GC!

  24. Diane@BibliophileBytheSea says:

    Stacy, this is marvelous – so much to celebrate. The one good thing about turning 40 is “being a live to celebrate it”. It sort puts the whole age thing in perspective at any age. Best Wishes – east lots of cake and thanks for the giveaway.

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