Sundays with Gage-Sleep

During my 10 months as a mother I’ve learned many things, but some of the most important lessons are labeled, tried this-big mistake  We snuggle Gage to sleep in our bed.  Always have.  At first because we loved the special time and then because it was good for his acid reflux to at least fall asleep elevated, on a pillow.  We have stuck with this because it works and we do enjoy the time together.  At night we sneak him into his crib within an hour with about 90% success.  Sometimes we repeat the process after he cries for an hour in the crib.  This can lead to a few long nights for me, but mostly he sleeps through the night like a champ.

The problem is the napping.  The only way he’ll nap is if he stays in our bed.  I try to move him to the crib he starts crying just before his accusing eyes pop open.  How dare I disturb his nap.  On the rare occasion he doesn’t wake up right away he might last 20 minutes in the crib.  So, for the most part I’ve been letting him nap in our bed as I read or put away laundry or whatever.  I’m a sucker.  I’m being played by a 10 month old!

So, this weekend I asked Jason to help me get him to sleep in the crib because I thought between the two of us we could manage it.  This photo is what happened on our way him from church today (bottle included).  Painless naptime. in the afternoon Jason did manage to get him to sleep in the crib for a little while after about an hour and a half of wearing him out.

My goal is to get him into his crib for naps by the end of the week.  I’m not feeling confident but it must be done.  Is there a child rearing lesson that you learned the hard way?

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments about where they live from last week’s Gage post 🙂


14 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage-Sleep

  1. Margot says:

    From my perspective, being played by a baby seems sweet. But then I’m not the young mother trying to do a zillion things in that brief amount of time. (I do remember those days when I’m the one who needed the nap.) I do agree with you on the need to get him to nap in his own place. I’m sure you will manage it just fine. Just keep saying, “I am the mother and I know what’s best.”

  2. julie says:

    My only advice is…let him cry it out. Both at night and during the day. It accomplishes two things 1) he’ll learn how to calm himself down 2) he’ll wear himself out. Also, it will be less each night and day as long as you keep with it. It is SOOO hard but it will be so beneficial for all of you. Maybe buy some earplugs. I did this with both of my kids. My daughter (6 yrs old) rarely gets out of her bed and my 3 year old is going through a phase where he’ll come in during the night, so I let him fall asleep and move him back to his bed.

    You might as well get used to lack of sleep because it does go in and out of phases.

    Good luck!

  3. Gage's Grandma says:

    I love the picture! Letting him cry it out is probably the only real answer and I know how difficult that must be. You and Jason and doing a great job as Gage’s parents. He is a lucky (and extremely adorable!) little guy.

  4. Jenners says:

    I totally messed up the sleeping thing. My son slept us with us in our bed (for naps and at night) until he was 3!! But he sleeps alone now so it isn’t awful … it just took a long time. You’re doing great!

  5. Heather says:

    Swing! That was our solution. You can elevate the swing and he just loved it. Granted he lasted in the swing until 10 months…Just do what’s best for all of you. I just think about when Gabe is 16…he’ll be potty-trained, dressing himself, eating, not sleeping in our bed!!!! 😉

  6. kaye says:

    my daughter’s baby boy is 8 months old and they have the same story as you 🙂 She has succeeded in getting him to nap in the crib and is now working on night time–good luck.

  7. caspette says:

    Well no advice my little monkey sleeps with us full time pretty much. When he learned to roll we actually got rid of our bedframe and put the mattress on the floor. But he sleeps in a cot at day care, and its not that he hates his cot at home its just I am lazy and at 3am when he still wakes for a quick breast feed I dont have to think and worry about his safety. I know some people really harp on about kids sleeping their parents beds but I am not worried, we will put him in his own room when he is ready for a big bed and make a big deal out of it (make him choose decor etc). I honestly think like everything else it is something they grow out of, the need to be sleeping close to their parents, cos how many teenagers do you know who sleep in their parents beds?

    I personally dont believe in the crying out method, and my little man self settles pretty well now.

    I feel there is no such thing as a parenting blunder. What works for some does not work for others. Plus just because our culture dictates how to raise kids, other cultures are completely different. Is any more right then the other? I dont think so. Just do what you feel comfortable with, and works for your little family.

    Sorry for the long winded response. You probably didnt want an essay!

    Finally how cute is Gage now! I can see he is getting so big, almost to big for his carrier.

  8. Amanda says:

    What a cutie! I am dreading the move to the crib. We have our little guy sleep in a rocker by the bed and he loves it. If I try putting him flat on his back during the day during naps he immediately wakes up. Does not like it. Hmm.

  9. pinkflipflops says:

    isla doesnt sleep in her crib and i dont really mind. ive always been of the mindset.. we sleep how we sleep. basically, if she wants to sleep in the swing, she sleeps in the swing. whatever gets us the most sleep we do. for the most part she sleeps in the napper (she is too long for it and it s out of the holder thingie it is just laying on the pack n play mattress) in our room. she’s gradually gone from sleeping on me inour bed all night long to parts of the night in the napper, to whole nights in the napper, to sleeping in the napper on the mattress in the pack n play.. most naps happen in the swing.. just recently shes taken them in the napper where she sleeps at night. we’ve tried the crib a few times but she screams and it’s really not that big of a deal to us. i figureshe wont be there for life so it’s cool.

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