Sundays with Gage-Sleep

During my 10 months as a mother I’ve learned many things, but some of the most important lessons are labeled, tried this-big mistake  We snuggle Gage to sleep in our bed.  Always have.  At first because we loved the special time and then because it was good for his acid reflux to at least fall asleep elevated, on a pillow.  We have stuck with this because it works and we do enjoy the time together.  At night we sneak him into his crib within an hour with about 90% success.  Sometimes we repeat the process after he cries for an hour in the crib.  This can lead to a few long nights for me, but mostly he sleeps through the night like a champ.

The problem is the napping.  The only way he’ll nap is if he stays in our bed.  I try to move him to the crib he starts crying just before his accusing eyes pop open.  How dare I disturb his nap.  On the rare occasion he doesn’t wake up right away he might last 20 minutes in the crib.  So, for the most part I’ve been letting him nap in our bed as I read or put away laundry or whatever.  I’m a sucker.  I’m being played by a 10 month old!

So, this weekend I asked Jason to help me get him to sleep in the crib because I thought between the two of us we could manage it.  This photo is what happened on our way him from church today (bottle included).  Painless naptime. in the afternoon Jason did manage to get him to sleep in the crib for a little while after about an hour and a half of wearing him out.

My goal is to get him into his crib for naps by the end of the week.  I’m not feeling confident but it must be done.  Is there a child rearing lesson that you learned the hard way?

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments about where they live from last week’s Gage post 🙂