Sundays with Gage- Location, location, location

I like big cities.  When Jason and I moved to Solon 11 years ago we expected it to be a relatively short stay so I accepted the suburb for what it was.  Well, we’re still here and I’m still accepting, if not the most enthusiastic cheerleader.  So, imagine my surprise when I saw the latest Money Magazine that named Solon the 3rd best small town in America.  Read the article here.

One of the reasons we have stayed is one of the reasons they listed.  Solon was the highest-achieving district in Ohio last year. Originally we thought investing in a community that invested in its schools was a no brainer.  Now that we have Gage we are very happy to be here.  It’s a little over half a mile to the elementary school and we’ve been walking there every evening because Gage loves the swings.

Living in a suburb I give up some things I love about big cities, but I reap the benefits too.  So what about you.  What’s your favorite thing about the place you live?