Mad Gab Quiz by author LM Long w/GIVEAWAY – closed

I am so excited to introduce author LM Long to my quizees.  She has come up with a totally awesome quiz and for once I actually get to participate, yippee. I hope you will visit her website because she is obviously a very creative lady.  I do warn you that her quiz is hard.  My advice is to read them all aloud and then have someone else read them aloud so you can listen.  Print them out and when you figure one out come back and leave a new comment.

Oh, did I mention that she is offering a prize? Awesome and very generous.  I will randomly draw a name from participants to choose a winner.  So, you only need to get one correct answer to be eligible.  Thank you , Laura!

Rules & Leaderboard here.  Last week’s Who’s Older Quiz here.

Have you ever played “Mad Gab”?  Basically you need to read the words aloud and try and come up with the book title the words sound like. For example, “Pry Dan Pledge You Dish,” and the answer would be the real title.  (Pride and Prejudice)  I tried to do book titles I think everyone would be familiar with, that they should have read in school, or are YA titles (since I’m a YA author).  Sort of a hint right? 

1. Night Tease Hay Detour 1984
2. A Ring Gull Hymn Tie Ma A Wrinkle in Time
3. Owl Sin One Earned And Alice in Wonderland
4. Cry Man Done Fish Mint Crime & Punishment
5. Gray Tex Beck Shuns Great Expectations
6. Law Dove Thief Eyes Lord of the Flies
7. Shard Loves Ebb Charlotte’s Web
8. Meh Teal Duh Mathilda
9. Grey Puffs Wrap Grapes of Wrath
10. And Huff Ring Gay Bulls  Anne of Green Gables
11. Dial Height  Twilight
12. Hair Thread Earn Clothes Where the Red Fern Grows
13. Lid Hole How Sun Prayer E  Little House in the Prairie
14. Gun Width Thaw End  Gone
15. Thief Under Canes
Hard, right?  I have 9 guesses I think are right and it took me several passes to get that many.  Each correct answer 6.5 points and earn an extra 2.5 if you get them all correct. Visit LM’s website to check out her 3 books.