Mid Year Update

So, having a baby in the house kinda cuts into your reading time!  This year I thought I signed up for challenges in a conservative fashion, but we’ll see as we take a lot at what I’ve accomplished.

Yes, this is a 2010 challenge that I am determined to finish this year because it’s the one where all of you voted for what I would read from my stacks of books.

Goal 14  Read so far  5   Since this is the one that I most want to finish I need to get busy.

Book ObsessedI knew this would be the one challenge that would be a long shot but I wanted to try it anyway.

Goal 51 Read so far 16    That’s worse than I thought I was doing.

I’m fairly good about giving away my books so I thought this one was a no brainer.

Goal 12  So far I’ve given away 5 that I reviewed this year, but 2 more will be offered on Saturday.

I wanted to get back to reading more fluff but haven’t read too many.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t discovered a new romance author that I love lately.

Goal 12  Read so far 5

One down, still over 100 to go 🙂  Good thing there’s no time limit on this one!

This one starts on July 1st, so I’m not behind yet!  Woo Hoo 🙂


My favorite book so far has been Good Grief by Lolly Winston.

My favorite movie so far this year is Bridemaids.

7 thoughts on “Mid Year Update

  1. Erin says:

    I’m impressed you’ve gotten so much reading done with a baby in the house! I’d imagine the little guys suck up all extra time. It looks like you’re doing pretty well, though!

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