Five Words for Charity

When I read through some of the posts from the latest read-a-thon I saw that some people were giving money to charity based on the number of comments left on their posts.  I like this idea.  As with any good idea I must tinker with it and make it my own.  Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Tomorrow is the end of the month and the day I post my 5 word movie reviews and it will also give you the opportunity to add your two cents for charity.

Leave a comment with 1-5 words to describe the movie (don’t forget to tell me which one) and you will have contributed $1 to charity.  How easy is that?!  As a bonus, I’ll also contribute $1 for any 1-5 word review you leave on any of my previously reviewed movies (the list is here).  I’m going to count all the reviews you all have already contributed.  That’s $22 already in the charity fund!

So, what’s the charity?  You tell me.  Once we reach $100 the person who has contributed the most reviews will get to pick a charity and write a blog post about it (if they want).  Since I’m counting previous reviews that means Heather is in the lead with 4, but that’s not so many that you can’t catch up 🙂  She is followed by Stephanie with 3, Bermudaonion, Jo-Jo, Jenners, Hannah and Richard with 2 each, and Kay, Bumbles, Carol, Alice and Margot with 1 apiece.

It’s up to you how long this lasts.  You could all get busy and we could have a winner and a charity before the weekend is over or you could make us wait quite a while to know the lucky charity.  My two stipulations are that the charity must have a website or be able to accept online donations and that the reviews are real and not made up 🙂

Looking forward to your participation and giving money to a worthy charity.