Sundays with Gage- 6th month edition

Gage and I at Panera last night (please forgive the hair) with Daddy behind the camera.  This week Gage will mark 6 months in this world and I thought I’d pass along a few things I’ve learned in my half year of motherhood.

When they (and by they, I mean everyone) tells you ‘colic’ will go away at 3 months, don’t get your hopes up.  We’re at 6 months and counting.

A born worrier can be a bit of a frantic mother.

When the pediatrician says “rice cereal” she does not mean Rice Krispies.

A naked, wet baby is pretty darn slippery.

It is possible to live on sugar and caffeine.

Labor is every bit as horrible as you feared it might be.

You can survive a week at the hospital with your baby being poked, tested, discussed, but not without scars.

People say the husband/father isn’t first anymore, boohoo.  While this is true, the mom is not  1st, 2nd or even sometimes 3rd, so accept it.

Giving away baby clothes is like saying, “We’re done.”  Without having to say it.

Books or websites that tell you at what age your baby should be doing something can be detrimental to your health and should looked at for amusement, not fact.

The closer you live to your family when you have a baby, the luckier you are.

Do not be afraid to swaddle your baby til he looks like a burrito.  It will save your sanity.

Naps are not only for the young.

Singing or music usually saves the day (or a good mood).

We need a mirror in every room.  Our guy cracks himself up.

There’s poop on my hand/shirt/hair?  And?

Infants are as scary as you think they are.

Motherhood is indeed as awesome, wonderful and fulfilling, as everyone says it is, but it also sometimes sucks.

I could watch my sleeping baby for hours and under no circumstances do I want you waking him up.

Having a loving, hands-on dad has made this mom a happy one.

I may not be the best mother yet (I’m a work-in-progress) but I do have the best son and I’m thankful for him every day.