Common Denominator Quiz guessing closed

I’ve done these before and I know they can be hard.  Here’s a link to the first one I did to give you an idea of what it’s all about.  Tell me what the five books have in common-it can be anything-awards, title, main character, setting, etc.  Each one is worth 10 points.  If you come up with something more specific than I did I’ll add 5 points, if it’s less specific I’ll give you 5 points.  Feel free to come back and add answers in later comments, but I’m only accepting the first answer for each number.  You have until Friday at noon to submit your answers.  Same prize as last time.

This week  you are allowed to look at book info for answers. No looking at other commenter answers.  Yes, we’re going by the honor system :)    Your first answers will be the only ones accepted.  Play every week or just one time, you are always welcome   It only takes once to be eligible for a prize.

Last week’s Authors Portrayed Quiz here.   Current Leaderboard here.

1. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield: Book Cover The Romance Readers' Book Club by Julie L. Cannon: NOOKbook Cover The Writing Circle by Corinne Demas: Book Cover Silent in the Grave (Lady Julia Grey Series #1) by Deanna Raybourn: Book Cover How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson: Book CoverBooks on Cover

2. Sahara (Dirk Pitt Series #11) by Clive Cussler: Book CoverThe Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller Series #1) by Michael Connelly: Book CoverContact by Carl Sagan: Book CoverA Time to Kill by John Grisham: Book CoverBooks made into movies starring Matthew McConaughey

3. Frankenstein Mary Shelley by Mary Shelley: Book Cover The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton: Book Cover Eragon (Inheritance Cycle Series #1) by Christopher Paolini: Book Cover The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank: Book Cover The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi: Book Coverwritten by teenagers

4.    Praying for Sleep by Jeffery Deaver: Book Cover The Angel by Carla Neggers: Book Cover  Double Cross (Alex Cross Series #13) by James Patterson: Book Cover The Footprints of God by Greg Iles: NOOKbook Cover The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud by Jenny Cote: Book Coverreligious terms in title

5. The Running Mate by Joe Klein: Book Cover Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie: Book Cover Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman: Book Cover Killer Mousse by Melinda Wells: NOOKbook Cover A Gentle Rain by Deborah Smith: Book Coveranimals on cover

6. Ellery Queen by Ellery Queen: Book Cover Case of Lies (Nina Reilly Series #11) by Perri O'Shaughnessy: NOOKbook Cover The Other Side of the Door by Nicci French: Book Cover The Real Mother by Judith Michael: Book Cover Love Bites by Tori Carrington: Book Cover2 authors, 1 name

7. Les Miserables (Rose Translation) by Victor Hugo: Book Cover Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace: Book Cover War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy: Book Cover The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas: Book Cover The Stand by Stephen King: Book Cover Over 1,000 pages long

8. The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand: Book Cover Summer House by Nancy Thayer: Book Cover Compulsion by Keith Ablow: Book Cover The Beach House by Jane Green: Book Cover Death in a Cold Hard Light (Merry Folger Series #4) by Francine Mathews: NOOKbook Coverset on Nantucket

9. Blindness by José Saramago: Book Cover Beloved by Toni Morrison: Book Cover The Pickup by Nadine Gordimer: Book Cover Herzog by Saul Bellow: Book Cover The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing: Book Coverauthors all  Nobel Prize for Literature winners

10. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd: Book Cover Off Season by Anne Rivers Siddons: Book Cover The Secret Papers of Madame Olivetti by Annie Vanderbilt: Book Cover Buried Evidence by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg: NOOKbook Cover Chill Factor by Sandra Brown: Book Covermain characters named Lily/Lilly

33 thoughts on “Common Denominator Quiz guessing closed

  1. Misha says:

    1. Books on the cover
    2. All of them have movie adaptations, I think
    3. Written when the authors were teenagers
    4. umm.. the titles are related to God -praying, angel, cross, God and ark.
    5. Setting??
    6 Murder Mystery?
    7 All of them are scarily long?? lol. I am just sure about 4 of them…
    8 Nantucket
    9 Award – Nobel Prize
    10 Setting?

    Wow, Stacy! I loved this week’s quiz.

  2. BermudaOnion says:

    I bombed at this one the last time you did it, but I’ll try anyway.

    #2 They’ve all been made into movies.

    #4 Religious word in title.

    #8 They all take place at the beach.

    #10 Main character runs away from something.

  3. softdrink says:

    1. books featuring books
    2. all of the authors did not start out as writers…they had other careers first
    3. books written by teenagers
    4. all of the titles have words that are religious (cross, praying, god, ark, angel)
    5. all the books have animals on the cover
    6. all of the authors are pairs (two people writing under one name)
    7. chunksters
    8. all books set in Nantucket
    9. all authors are Nobel Prize winners
    10. charachters with broken marriages (death, divorce, etc)

  4. Kay says:

    Let’s see how I can do:

    1. Books with books on the cover
    2. Made into movies starring Matthew McConaughey
    3. Written by very young people early 20’s or teens
    4. Religious words in the title
    5. Animals on the cover
    6. Books written by co-authors or two people
    7. Really long books – i.e. over 500 pages or maybe even over 800
    8. Books that have a setting of Nantucket
    9. Authors were all Nobel laureates in Literature
    10. All have death of family members (ex-husband, child, mother, etc.) and secrets discovered?

  5. Calila says:

    1. Features a book on the cover.
    2. Made into movies starting Matthew McConaughey.
    3. Told in first-person?
    4. Thrillers/Mysteries with semi-religious titles?
    5. New York Times bestselling author/bestsellers. (or all have Animals on the cover.)
    6. Authors are pen names for writing duos.
    7. Unabridged?
    8. Set in Nantucket.
    9. Nobel Prize for Literature winning authors.
    10. Main character named Lily/Lilly.

  6. Jennifer Rayment says:

    Tough one – good for you

    1 Books on Cover (easy one thanks!)
    2 Book to Movie, I’ve never seen any of them and they all have Mathew (no shirt) McConaughey in them
    3 Written by teens
    4 Biblical/Religious titles with Mystery/thriller type plots
    5 Have animals on cover
    6 Writing Duo’s
    7 Over 1000 pages (The Stand is my fav book)
    8 Nantucket setting (There once was a lady from Nantucket …)
    9 Authors have won the Nobel Prize for Literature
    10 Main Character is named Lily

    Thanks for the links it made this a lot easier – although some of them you really had to look for – very challenging I love it

  7. Nise' says:

    1. books pictured on the cover, written by women whose character is a women that is on a journey

    2. – books made into movies starring Matthew McConaughey

    3. books written in the author’s teens, coming of age stories, tragic stories

    4. Faith elements in title, good vs evil

    5. animal on the cover by best selling authors

    6.written by a duo, mysteries/suspense

    7. chunksters (over 1000 pgs.) new editions with footnotes/extra info

    8. Nantucket as the setting, family/groups, beach reads

    9. Nobel Prize winners, human condition/social issue writers

    10. Main character Lily/Lilly, suffer devastating losses/secrets

  8. Florinda says:

    1 – Stories about books and reading

    2 – Books made into movies starring Matthew McConaghey (re: his last name – does spelling count?)

    3 – Teenage authors

    4 – All the titles have a religious/Biblical reference

    5 – ???

    6 – Authors writing under pseudonyms

    7 – Books that are more than 1000 pages long

    8 – Novels set in Nantucket

    9 – Nobel Prize-winning authors

    10 – Main characters named Lily

  9. Word Lily says:

    1. all have books on the cover, all talk of other book(s), at least in title
    2. All made into blockbuster movies, starring Matthew McConaughey
    3. All written when the author was a teenager
    4. All the titles include biblical language
    5. All have animals on the cover
    6. All the authors names, as listed, are actually pen names for a writing duo.
    7. All over 1000 pages
    8. All set in Nantucket
    9. All written by Nobel Laureates in literature
    10. all written by women, but I’m guessing that’s not the real answer

  10. pinkflipflops says:

    1. all have books on the cover
    2. all made into movies w/ matthew mconaughey
    4. all have something to do with religion in the title
    5. all have animals on the cover
    6. all are mysteries?
    7. all written by men?
    8. all books happen at the beach
    9. all written by award winning authors
    10. all have characters named Lily

  11. Bumbles says:

    Good lord – wherever do you come up with these groupings! ACK.

    #1 – Books about books
    #2 – Books made into movies
    #3 – Books written by teens
    #4 – Books with religious words/items in the title
    #5 – Books with an animal on the cover
    #6 – Books written by team using pseudonym
    #7 – Wicked long books
    #8 – Books taking place by the water
    #9 – Books written by Nobel prize winners
    #10 – Books about secrets

  12. jennygirl says:

    1. They all have books on the cover, or deal with librarys and their books
    2. All made into movies
    3. The hero/heroine/main character are young people or teenagers
    4. Religious related]
    6. Scifi paranormal???
    7. Big ass books/tomes of reading
    8.Summer vacations near bodies of water
    9. Award winners; possibly the Pulitzer??

  13. Mariska says:

    I don’t have any idea about this week quiz, but i will try my best ;

    1. – All the covers have Books on them
    – All the authors are female

    2. – Lawyers ?

    3. – All the Authors are Teenager when they’d finished their books ?

    4. About Psycho Killer ?

    5. There’s animal in each covers of the books !

    6. The Main Characters are females and they have at least one teenager in the house with them ?

    7. About History ?

    8. – Escaping ?
    – Holiday ?

    9. – All The Authors have won a Nobel Prize

    10. – All The Main Characters have a same name : Lily

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