Monday Movie Meme – Mind Games

Feature Presentation…
This week’s movie topic is all about Mind Games…The movies love to make their characters forget. Memory loss. Hypnosis. Spells. It makes for interesting plot possibilities and entertainment for the viewers.
Here are the first five that come to mind…
1. Shattered (1991)  Tom Beringer plays a man who has amnesia after a car accident.  It’s the stuff he can’t remember that may get him killed.
2. Memento (2000)  Short term memory loss and a stockpile of post it notes make Guy Pearce’s character interesting.  And that fact that it is told in reverse makes it worth a second look just to figure out what happened!
3. Mulholland Drive (2001) Another car wreck causes amnesia and this one is a bizarre tour through Los Angeles.  Also needs a second viewing.
4. The Notebook (2004) A sappy love story that may cause a tear or two.
5. 50 First Dates (2004) Another short term memory loss sufferer is Drew Barrymore’s character.  She’s what makes it worth watching.
So, did I forget a good one?  (ha ha)  
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10 thoughts on “Monday Movie Meme – Mind Games

  1. StephanieD says:

    Memento – which is one of the most bewildering movies I’ve ever seen and saw 3 times in a row because I wanted to make sure I got it – reminds me of Inception. Best movie I saw all year, by far.

  2. Bumbles says:

    I’ve only seen Memento. I enjoyed it. But you have to be really focused to enjoy it I think. Our friend walked out of it in the theater after the first 15 minutes – guess he wasn’t in the focusing mood ;0)

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