The Shop on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber

Cover ImageFinished 10-26-10, rating 3/5, fiction, pub. 2004

You see, I’d always assumed I would die before my father.

Most people find talk of death unsettling, but I’ve lived with the threat of it for so long, it doesn’t have that effect on me.  The possibility of death has been my reality for the last fourteen years, an d I’m as comfortable talking about it as I am the weather.

Chapter 1

Lydia has opened up a yarn shop in Seattle.  After two bouts of cancer she has decided to make her dream job come true.  She begins a knitting class to bring people to the store and suddenly has three new friends to knit with every Friday.  Jacqueline is a society gal who is hard to like, Carol and her husband are on their last in vitro treatment and she is desperate to have a child and  Alix is a troubled girl looking for an easy way to fulfill her court appointed community service.  The four women become fast friends and are able to provide support through their troubles.

This was a sweet, easy read, like most of Macomber’s books.  The chapters jump between the women and this diluted the stories for me.  I got a little taste of each, but wasn’t really invested in any of them.  The women were relatable and their stories made them feel like familiar friends, or maybe just acquaintances.  I liked it but won’t be reading any of the other books of this series.  It was just a little too easily wrapped up for me.

This is from my personal library and was chosen by ‘Nise, Mom, and Bonnie.  Here’s what they had to say…

“You have to read Debbie Macomber and this is a great series about a knit shop and women’s friendships.”  Bonnie

“It’s great when you need a light read.” ‘Nise