Robert Downey Jr. Was In That? Quiz

Jason and I had our first date night as parents on Saturday night and we went and saw Due Date.  Jason liked it more that I did, but it had its moments.  I am always charmed by Downey and I’ve listed his characters in the order that I like his movies best with a hint (these are only the movies I’ve seen).  Can you identify the movie?  Leave a comment telling me the # and the name of the movie.  No Googling or looking at other commenter’s answers – that’s cheating and no fun!  Play once or every week.  It only takes one correct answer to be eligible for a prize.  You have until Thursday night to submit your answers.

 Each answer worth 5.5 points, with 6.5 points for the bonus question.

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1. Kirk Lazarus (2008) also starred Ben Stiller Tropic Thunder

2. Peter Wright (1994) also starred Marisa Tomei  Only You

3. Ian (1985) also starred Anthony Michael Hall  Weird Science

4. Terry Crabtree (2000) also starred Michael Douglas  Wonder Boys

5. Tony Stark (2008, 2010) also starred Gwyneth Paltrow  Iron Man 1 & 2

6. Sherlock Holmes (2009) no more help on this one!  Sherlock Holmes

7. Steve Lopez (2009) also starred Jamie Foxx  The Soloist

8. Paul Avery (2007) also starred Jake Gyllenhaal  Zodiac

9. Peter Highman (2010) also starred Zach Galifianakis  Due Date

10. Joe Wershba (2005) also starred George Clooney  Good Night & Good Luck

11. Wayne Gale (1994) also starred Woody Harrelson  Natural Born Killers

12. Special Agent John Royce (1998) also starred Tommy Lee Jones  US Marshals

13. David Seton Barnes (1991) also starred Sally Field  Soapdish

14. Jack Jericho (1987) also starred Molly Ringwald  The Pick-Up Artist

15. Derek Lutz (1986) also starred Rodney Dangerfield  Back to School

16. Billy Covington (1990) also starred Mel Gibson  Air America

17. Leo Wiggins (1988) also starred Anthony Michael Hall  Johnny Be Good

BONUS QUESTION For what television series did Robert win a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor?  Ally McBeal