Hug a Veteran Quiz

Thanks to everyone who mentioned not only my veterans, but your own. 

My father is a Vietnam veteran and my husband served his time in the Navy, and Wednesday is the day to make sure we thank them and every other veteran for their service to America.  That’s the theme of this week’s quiz.  Leave the number and the answer and no googling – that’s cheating and no fun.  All books are FICTION.

1. All this Civil War vet wanted to do is return home to North Carolina and the love of his life, but the journey was a difficult one.  He was played by Jude Law in the movie versionCold Mountain by Charles Frazier Bags, Books & Bon Jovi

2. Lee Child has written a thriller series based on this ex-military cop.  Jack ReacherBags, Books & Bon Jovi

3. Two men return home from war in 1946 Mississippi.  This book won the 2006 Bellwether Prize (recognizing social responsibility).  MUDBOUND BY HILLARY JORDAN

4. A Vietnam soldier decides to go AWOL and walk to France.  This won the National Book Award for fiction in 1979.  GOING AFTER CACCIATO BY TIM O’BRIEN

5. This recent publication is a novel based loosely on the author’s life as a classmate of George W. Bush, marine in Vietnam, and the first Vietnam veteran to attend Harvard.  LOON – A MARINE STORY BY JACK MCLEAN

6. This is the debut novel of the man who brought us Forest Gump.  This is about an officer in the Vietnam War.  Better Times Than These by Winston Groom Bermudaonion

7. A son investigates his father’s life as a soldier in WWII.  A surprising look at war from an author who writes bestselling legal thrillers.  Ordinary Heroes by Scott TurowUnder the Boardwalk

8. This series by Robyn Carr always features a military veteran as hero of the story. – The Virgin River series Bookfan

And a few notable veteran authors

9. This highly decorated Vietnam veteran is a current Virginia senator and says this about his writing, “I’ve written for a living all my life, so writing is as much a part of me as working out.”  Senator Jim Webb Linda B

10. This author of The Painted Veil served as a secret agent for the British during WWI.  W Somerset Maugham Fleurfisher

21 thoughts on “Hug a Veteran Quiz

  1. Louise says:

    Interesting quiz and some of those books sounds good! But I haven’t got the faintest idea about the titles (I am excused, I think, since I am in Denmark not America)

    I don’t know if one should say “Happy Veteran’s Day”, but you know what I mean…

    I think veterans are just happy to be acknowledged, as long as it’s sincere 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    Great quiz and a great way to highlight books by and about veterans. Tim O’Brien is another great veteran writer- love his stuff, especially TOMCAT IN LOVE, IN THE LAKE OF THE WOODS and THE THINGS THEY CARRIED. great writer!

    There is a Tim O’Brien book in the quiz, just none that you mentioned.

  3. Mary says:

    #8 is Virgin River – really enjoy this series about Marines and their loves/lives in the California mountain village.

    I’m going to have to look for this series. I guess I didn’t really realize it was all about military men and their friends and family until I started looking around for this quiz.

  4. Kathy says:

    1. Cold Mountain

    2. The Killing Floor

    My father was an MP and is buried in Ft. Logan Nat’l Cemetary.

    My FIL was in the Navy.

    Thanks for recognizing our Military.

    The Ft. Hood killings last week really brought their service to the forefront again.
    The Killing Floor is the first of the series – I’m looking for the main character’s name. I have The Killing Floor checked out of the library right now and I’m looking forward to it.

  5. Bumbles says:

    Well, I knew Cold Mountain but drat – already answered.

    I thought #7 might be Flags of our Fathers but I don’t think the author (Bradley I think is his name?) writes legal thrillers. So that got me to thinking about Grisham of course – but I don’t think he’s written what you describe. So I am stumped but would really like to know the answer because it sounds very interesting to me.

    It’s not Grisham, but similar legal thrillers.

  6. Kathy says:

    Jack Reacher is Lee Child’s main character. We read The Killing Floor for my book club. Not a book that I would have picked up myself but I really enjoyed it. I hope you do, too.

  7. Staci says:

    I could cheat and google these stumpers but it’s way more fun not to and to just say….I have no idea!! But I love how you incorporated books and Veteran’s Day!!

    My thanks to your Father and Husband for their service!

  8. Linda B says:

    I think #9 must refer to Jim Webb. Before I retired from teaching, one of my responsibilities was the annual Veteran’s Day Assembly at our HS. It was always challenging to make it meaningful, yet “entertaining” enough to please teenagers.

  9. Nise' says:

    Thank you to our Veterans. My grandfather was wounded in Normandy, my Uncle served in Vietnam, my father was in the Airforce and my brother was a Marine.

    I am guessing #7 is Scott Turow’s Ordinary Heroes.

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