Bridget Jones’s Diary, by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding: Book CoverFinished 10-31-09, rating 3.5/5, fiction, pub. 1996

completely exhausted by entire day of date-preparation.  Being a woman is worse than being a farmer–there is so much harvesting and crop spraying to be done: legs to be waxed, underarms shaved, eyebrows plucked, feet pumiced, skin exfoliated and moisturized, spots cleansed, roots dyed, eyelashes tinted, nails filed, cellulite massaged, stomach muscles exercised.  The whole performance is so highly tuned you only need to neglect it for a few days for the whole thing to go to seed.

Sunday 15 January

Bridget is a single thirty-something Londoner in a dead-end job who is shagging her boss.  This is her diary of a year that details her weight, alcohol intake, cigarettes smoked and is an irreverent look at a woman not sure who she is or what she  wants.  Well, besides shagging her boss. She’s barely able to run her own life. let alone those of her parents, who are splitting up.  Bridget is helpless, funny, and charming.

I was shocked to realize as I finished this book that I actually preferred the movie.  Granted it is a favorite of mine, so expectations were high, but I really thought the movie was more fun and more romantic.  The book had a harder edge and while I usually like that, the movie had already won me over.  The mother in this movie was horrible and I was surprised that the movie did not really include the character of Tom, who I really liked.

This book was good and I liked it.  Bridget is a character was easy to fall in love with and hard to forget.  I think I’m going to watch the movie tonight and relive the laughs.  Look for my review of the movie tomorrow.

This was from my personal library.