The Mist, by Carla Neggers

The MistThe Mist. Finished 11-07-09, rating 3.5/5, romantic suspense, pub. 2009

This is Book 3 in the Boston PD/FBI series

 “What brings  you to the Beara Peninsula?  Davenport asked.

“I’m  hiking the Beara Way.”  She wasn’t, and she didn’t like to lie, but it was easier–and possibly safer for all concerned–than telling the truth.  “Not start to finish.  It’s almost two hundred kilometers.  I don’t have that much time to spare.”

“You’re on your own?”

She gave him a bright smile.  “Now, that’s a bold question to ask a woman having coffee and crumble by herself.”

Chapter 1

The story starts in Ireland where Lizzie rescues Keira from a man trying to kill her and then to Boston as Lizzie races to save another woman’s life while still retaining her anonymity.  Keira’s father is a spy and he taught her the tricks of the trade, but she is still only a hotelier and getting involved with a money laundering psycho may have been more than she could handle.

As a British spy himself, Will, was keeping his eye on Lizzie.  She knew more than she let on and he was intrigued by the mystery of her.  Back in Boston he was able to reconnect with his old friend and FBI agent, Simon, and get involved in the search for a man he thought was long dead.

I reviewed the first two books in this series and enjoyed them, but I would not recommend this one unless you have read them.  I’m sure that it is intended as a stand-alone novel, but there is a large cast of characters and they all have their own storylines and histories.  Even I had to pause once or twice to remember who was who and I’ d read the first two books!  That is a part of my biggest complaint with the book.  It was supposed to be Will and Lizzie’s story, but they did not seem like the focus.  There was just too much going on to invest much in them.

I liked the story and revisiting with old friends.  I recommend this series for anyone who likes romantic suspense.

This was a library book.

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