The Funny Thing Is…, by Ellen Degeneres

The Funny Thing Is... by Ellen DeGeneres: Book CoverFinished 10-24-09, rating 3.5/5, Humor, pub. 2003

There is also the fact that the food is free and I always think free food tastes the best.  Like when you go to those hotel manager’s receptions.  Even though the food is taquitos and Swedish meatballs, they’re free and actually pretty good.  The thing with prison food that might worry me is that someone might try to poison a prisoner and I might accidentally get the plate that was meant for the intended victim.  That would be bad.  But let’s just say I lived through that.  Well then, I could probably live through just about anything!  Think what a strong constitution I would have.  And probably a new zest for life.  What’s so bad about prison?  That’s what I wanna know.

That’s why prison wouldn’t be so bad chapter

If you enjoy Ellen’s talk show, you will enjoy this book.  It features her charming style of conversation, hilarious insights and crazy dinner party stories, which I believe are pure fiction or Gloria Estefan has some explaining to do.  I included the excerpt from the prison chapter because it was my favorite and made me laugh out loud, but there were other chapters that made me laugh too.

Most of her observations made me  smile more than laugh.  I didn’t love every chapter, but I finished the book happy and feeling like I’d just spent some time with Ellen, so the book was a success.

I read this during the 24 hour read-a-thon and it was perfect for it.  It lightened my mood after so many hours spent reading.

This book was from my own personal library.