Presidential Movie Quiz

Tonight and tomorrow I’ll be working as a Polling Coordinator, so please vote and grant a smile to your poll workers 🙂

So, let’s get political.  Can you identify these movies by the fictional US Presidents shown?  This is an easy one, right?  Leave me the number and the movie.  No cheating 🙂

1. president harrison fordAir Force One – Alitareads

2. presidents peter sellersDr. Strangelove – Eva

3. good movie presidents jpgFail Safe – Strangelove

4.presidents absolute powerAbsolute Power –Wrighty’s Reads

5. presidents  - escape from new yorkEscape Fropm New York – Wrighty’s Reads

6. comedy movie presidentMars Attacks! – Alitareads

7. best movie presidents - the american presidentThe American President – Literary Feline

8. Deep Impact –  Michael

9. recent movie presidentIndependence Day – Literary Feline

10. Love Actually – Michael

I’ve finally posted the answers to the last three quizzes (Common Thread, What’s That Book?, What Book Is That?)