Golden Conspiracy: A Jacsen Kidd Mystery by Robert James Glider

Golden Conspiracy: A Jacsen Kidd MysteryFinished 11-13-09, rating 2.5/5, fiction, pub. 2009

“Our elders’ chants of truth and example are like the writings of the apostles in the Bible.  The chants make them immortal by the lessons their stories give, helping our children make important decisions about life, love, survival, marriage-anything associated with the human condition.  We sing them in the language of our ancestors so our children never forget their heritage.”

“How do you exchange stories that are not written?” Peri asked.

“Each month a council meeting is held, and afterward a family meeting,” George explained.  “Each family’s representatives sing the stories.  You see, the chants are considered collective treasures among our people.”

Chapter 10

In 1503, a Spanish ship sank and was lost forever, as was all of the valuable gold on board.  Now it’s 2010 and as the direct descendant of a famed pirate, Jacsen Kidd, spends his time recovering valuable treasures and donating them to museums.  He and his partner, chef Peri Schmoond, are on the hunt for the Spanish ship that is at the bottom of the Caribbean sea.  But they aren’t the only ones searching for the gold.  A frequent nemesis and a man long thought dead are both following the pair and don’t care if innocent people die.

I rarely accept books for review and I’m not sure why I decided to accept this one.  It is a treasure hunt with killers and pirates, not my usual reading.  But I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the high seas adventure.  There was quite a bit of history about sailing and the islands and there was no shortage of action. 

This is Glider’s first novel, the first of three Jacsen Kidd mysteries, and with this comes my most glaring problem with the book.  It needed  a firm hand with the red pen.  There was an exclamation point on every page, sometimes more.  I felt like there was lots of yelling.  I’m not trying to be harsh, because the story was good, but it was distracting to me.  I think it would appeal to boys and young men looking for adventure on the high seas.

This book was sent to me by the author.