Book Giveaway – Travel Writing by Peter Ferry

HB 1Today’s free book is a trade paperback read once.  Published in 2008, 294 pages.  Here’s the synopsis-

Pete Ferry, our narrator, teaches high school English in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Lake Forest and moonlights as a travel writer. On his way home after work one evening he witnesses a car accident that kills a beautiful woman named Lisa Kim. But was it an accident? Could Pete have prevented it? And did it actually happen, or is this just an elaborate tale he concocts to impart the power of story to his teenage students? Why can’t he stop thinking about Lisa Kim? And what might his obsession with her mean to his relationship with his girlfriend, Lydia?

To enter to win leave a comment with your email address. 

To earn one extra entry you can post this on Twitter or post it on your blog.  Leave me a separate comment telling me you did.

Open internationally.  Winner will be picked on October 11th.

39 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Travel Writing by Peter Ferry

  1. booklogged says:

    Don’t enter me in the drawing as I already own this book. Just thought I’d let you know about a new blog called Contest Central where you can link your giveaway and increase your traffic. Check it out if you get a minute. You may want to link this giveaway.

  2. Alice Teh says:

    Hi Stacy! It is super cool to know that it’s open internationally! I would like to win a copy of the book. The story is interesting!


  3. Mystica says:

    Thank you for making it open for international readers. Very few book giveaways are!!! so we are grateful.

    The book sounds an interesting read.

    Thanks once again.



  4. Carol says:

    Sounds interesting. I think I heard of it a while ago, but never picked it up. Thanks for entering me.

    And Happy Birthday a little early.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  5. madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    This has been a book I have thought about reading and have never got around to it. So many books so little time. Thanks for offering it as a giveaway!

  6. karen k says:

    Happy Birthday (and Happy Anniversary, too)!! please add my name to this book giveaway.

    karen k

  7. Edu Chico says:

    Great cover!
    The same goes for Transparency.
    I only found your blog through these giveaways, but I will keep watch!

    educhico AT gmail DOT com

  8. MariaD says:

    Oh, happy anniversary!
    And the gifts are from you to us!
    So nice!
    I am going to sign up for them all, but I am will signal those that ar my favourites with a final kiss!



  9. J Dias says:

    You have some great giveaways here.
    If I had to choose one, I wouldn+t be able to!
    I will go for all.

    Good luck and best wishes to everyone!
    joanapatriciadias AT gmail DOT com

  10. Tanita says:

    It’s your anniversary and you give gifts to your readers.
    I only came to the blog at this time when I discovered the giveaways, but I went through the reviews (well, the five stars ones) and loved them!
    You’ve got a new fan!
    Hope you don’t mind that I participate being a new reader.

    tanitalves AT sapo DOT pt

  11. LFB88 says:

    Marvelous, really!
    I hope I get a little bit of luck.
    I don’t, usually, but we never know, do we?


  12. Ruth says:

    This sounds like a really cool book… I love books like these where even the reader doesn’t know what’s happening or who knows what for a lot of the book. 🙂

    Email: kiwibooklover at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Rocha 85 says:

    I hope you don’t mind, Susy recomended me to sign up for the giveaways as well!
    We’ve been friends for a long time!

    Best of wishes for the anniversaries!


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