Free Books for July

Leave a comment, tell me which book you want and I’ll get the book to you for FREE either by mail or personally if I’ll see you soon.  The first one to request each book wins.  Once you’ve ‘won’ the book I can get your shipping address if I need it.  Also, you can come back and get a free book every month if you want. These have all been read a few times, unless stated otherwise.

free july 09


1. Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler – B&N review here.  for Hilarie

2. It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips – B&N review here.  for Kaye

3. Educating Esme by Esme Raj Codell – I reviewed it here.  for Violet

4. The 5th Horseman by James Patterson – I reviewed it here.  for Sassy Brit

And don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway of  a brand new copy of The Triumph of Deborah here.  I’ll be drawing a winner on July 10th.

As always, happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Free Books for July

  1. Kaye says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by to read my review of The Crying Tree. I don’t know what the different take on it entails. Where did you read the other review? I’d like to read it too. I don’t like to give out too many details in reviews as I feel the reader wants to discover a lot of those for themselves. I sure hope you didn’t find it lacking as I have a hard time writing a review. The main thing is you want to read the book and it is a great book.
    I see you are giving away some books, I would like to have It Had to Be You if you still have it to give away.
    Thanks. Please be sure to come back and visit again. I love to hear your opinion.

  2. Sassy Brit says:

    Hello there!

    If you are sending to the UK I would love to have The 5th Horseman by James Patterson if it’s going. I like quick reads and page turners, which is just his style. Either way, I enjoyed your review – thanks.

    What a great idea!


  3. sdechantal says:

    Yipes! Late again! 😉 Count me in please for the Deborah giveaway then.

    Oh and on Sunday I will announce a big giveaway I am having for my Blogeversary next week. Please consider yourself invited to the party! 🙂

    One persons Journey Through a World of Books

  4. cenyasmom says:

    I am a subscriber and would love to win any
    good mystery or suspense novel, that is hard
    to put down, nothing like taking a book from
    room to room. Many thanks for the giveaway.

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