Musings and looking ahead

It is my goal every year to read a book a week.  Last year I completed only 40, so I’m hoping this blog will keep me honest.

This was my first blog post last January.  I feel like I’ve come so far since then.  I have become more comfortable in putting myself out there, which was one of my reasons for starting the blog in the first place.  I have a hard time showing my writing to anyone unless it is perfect and complete (you can guess how often this happens!) and this has been a great opportunity for me to write a ‘first draft’ on the fly and send it out to the masses. 

This year has brought some surprises.  I have also learned that it is possible to make friends on the internet.  I ‘see’ some of you more often than I see some of  my best friends.  I did not realize that blogging would be as addicting and as time consuming as it is.  And I found even more book obsessed readers out there than me!  I am not alone 🙂

As for my initial goal of reading a book a week, well, my final count is 96, so obviously, blogging works.  I’ve decided to make my 2009 goal 130 books, at least 30 of those non-fiction.  I did sign up for one challenge and you can keep track of my progress on under 2009 Challenges. 

There are a few things I’m going to try and make happen in 2009 (I’m avoiding the word resolution or goal).  The first thing I’d like to accomplish blogwise and lifewise is getting myself organized.  If I can do this the rest of this will easily follow.  I’d like to host a giveaway and a few author interviews.  I like that you participate in my quizzes, so I might offer prizes here and there just for fun!  I’m going to try an improve the look of my blog-I still haven’t taken the time to figure some of this stuff out.

I think that’s enough.  Thanks for sharing 2008 with me.  I look forward to a great 2009 and hope the year is a great one for you too 🙂