Jane Eyre, 1983 movie

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Okay, this is my third Jane Eyre movie in a few month’s time and it was the best of the three.  Your comments led me to believe it would be and you were right! 

Timothy Dalton was an almost perfect Edward Rochester.  He was harsh, commanding, moody, and dark.  I could listen to that voice all day.  I said almost perfect because he was really too good looking for the role, but there are worse things than a handsome Mr. Rochester so we’ll move on.

I really liked Zelah Clarks as Jane.  She showed Jane’s strength and depth that I found lacking in the other two adaptations. 

The BBC miniseries was four hours long so it was obviously the most thorough of the movies and it was a delight to see how much more was included.  I thought it may have skimped a little on Jane’s time at Lowood School, but it allowed for richer, fuller scenes later.  The production itself seemed dated, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since Jane Eyre wasn’t written yesterday 🙂

I will probably watch more versions, I hear the latest BBC production is great, but will need to take some time off from Jane and Edward.  I certainly don’t want to tire of them!  As a Jane Eyre fan I was not disappointed with this version and highly recommend it.