Merry Christmas to Me from Victoria’s Secret!

So this year my husband and I decided to do things a little differently for Christmas gifts to each other.  I went through our drawer that has coupons and gifts cards and found that we had a total of $175 in free money at various stores, so we divided the ‘free money’ and that was our limit.  We opened our gifts with my parents and other family this morning and everything was as expected.  I received a puzzle, lotions, sweater…and then something very exciting happened. 

Jason said one more gift and he left and came back with this…


A Victoria’s Secret Tower of NINE boxes.  He used the scratch off card guaranteeing him $10 and found out it was worth $500!!!!!!!!!  They let him have a personal shopper to help him spend his money and they did a wonderful job.  I cannot even tell you how exciting it was to open all of those boxes.  I am not going to show you what was in them, just know it was embarrassing enough to open them in front of family! 

I hope your Christmas was as exciting as mine 🙂  Also, my husband is wearing 4 pairs of lounge/warm up pants, all of which he received this morning.