Writers Lost in 2008 Quiz

Thanks for playing!  Check back next Monday.  For my first quiz of 2009 I’ll be offering a small prize 🙂

Here’s how to play…Identify the author and leave a comment with the # and the name and I’ll cross it off the list. No Googling, that’s cheating and no fun!  These authors wrote their final chapters in 2008.

1. Once dubbed “The Queen of the American Gothics” she wrote more than 70 novels and died at age 104. – Phyllis Whitney died on 2/8/08

2. His second (and last) novel made TIME’s 100 Best English-language Novels from 1923-2005.  He committed suicide after suffering from depression for more than 20 years. – David Foster Wallace died 9/12/08

3. In 1994 he became the only artist to have a film, a television series (currently in its last season), and a novel all number one at once.  His first novel was released in 1966 under the pseudonym John Lange and in 1992 he made People’s Most Beautiful People list.  Michael Crichton died 11/4/08-  Elena

4. He was a mystery writer best known for his series about an investigative reporter, memorably played by Chevy Chase in the films.  He also won 2 Edgar Awards. – Gregory McDonald died 9/7/08

5. Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist who founded the National Review in 1955.  William Buckley Jr. died 2/28/08Mark

6. She was the only child of a President who wrote biographies of both of her parents as well as a popular murder mystery series set in and around Washington DC.  Margaret Truman died 1/29/08–  Kathy

7. British author of the Flashman series.  George MacDonald Fraser

8. British science fiction writer and inventor.  He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1994, but he is best known for his collaboration with Stanley Kubrick.  He emigrated to Sri Lanka in 1956 where he lived until his death.  Arthur C. Clarke died 3/19/08Mark

9. This novelist wrote more than 30 books, 18 of those in his Navajo series.  In World War II he earned  a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.  Tony Hillerman died 10/26/08 Don

10. American author, historian, actor and broadcaster who received the Pulitzer Prize for General Non Fiction in 1985 for The Good War.  He never learned to drive.  Studs Terkel died 10/31/08–  Dave