Queen Vernita’s Visitors by Dawn Menge, an Aunt Betty review

Queen Vernita's VisitorsAuthor, Dawn Menge – Illustrator Bobbi Switzer

Reviewed by Aunt Betty

It was a fun read for me.  I would like to have been one of Queen Vernita’s visitors!  The story is such a great learning tool especially for Kindergarten – 2nd grade.  A child could pick up a lot of spin off ideas furthering their knowledge of the seasons, days and months.

Queen Vernita related a lot of cool everyday fun ideas for young children.  Being a ‘queen” I was impressed with the fun activities that included things she could do with her friends inside the walls of the castle, out on the grounds, or in the village.

The illustrator gave great insight with the drawings as to the characters personalities and the world around the oceaneer.  I was only disappointed there were no roses around the castle as was mentioned in the story, although the ivy was shown.

I was pleased to know Queen Vernita and her friend, Debbie, read books together.  It warms a librarians heart.

The counting of days in each month, I liked.  It encourages the child to learn them for his/her own self.  A teacher, librarian or parent could follow up on some of what was brought out in this fine story.

I liked the ending when each of her friends let Queen Vernita know how anxious they were to come for another visit when their month came around again.  The sparks of friendship glowed in this story.

My Aunt Betty has been an elementary school librarian for 24 years.  This is not surprising because she loves kids and kids appreciate her enthusiasm.  It is because of her that I enjoy a close relationship with my 7 cousins (later, 9).  She always had all of us over for sleepovers and other outings.  All 9 of us would cram into her Rabbit for trips around town.  You never see that anymore

I asked around for words to describe Aunt Betty and these are the words that came back the most…Happy, Caring, and Thoughtful.  As for me, my top three choices are Fun, Kind, and Full of Life.