The Handmaid and the Carpenter, by Elizabeth Berg

Cover ImageFinished listening to 12-8-08, rating 3/5, fiction, pub. 2006

This is the love story of Mary and Joseph.  We meet them as they meet each other and declare their intentions toward one other.  Mary is a brazen 13 year old girl who is visited by an angel and Joseph is an uncompromising 16 year old who lacks the faith to believe in the miracle of Mary’s Christ child.  This is their story and although it obviously includes Jesus the story ends with Joseph’s passing.

I listened to this on cd read by the author and thought it was a nice story for the season.  I think Berg took great liberties with the story, but for a short holiday read it was enjoyable.  It would be a nice gift for the sometime reader who doesn’t mind that Mary and Joseph might seem a but too human.