L- Top Ten Lyon, France pics

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Eight years ago next month Jason and I took our last big trip before becoming parents.  In January I started planning the trip to visit friends who had moved back to France.  In February I found out I was pregnant and in April I thought I was losing the baby (I’d already had one miscarriage) but I didn’t.  My doctor was taking extra care with me because I was an old woman (38) but told me going to Europe in May and even drinking some wine would be okay but not to overdo it.  To say that the trip wasn’t overshadowed by constant worry and morning sickness is an understatement.  But, I am so thankful we were able to go!  It’s a beautiful country made better by staying with our friends and their two young girls in Lyon half the time.  Having someone from the country hosting you and showing you around really makes the trip extra special.  After Lyon we went to Paris for 5 days and our friends left the girls with the grandparents and met us there.  But that’s another story altogether 🙂

These pics are from the city and areas outside Lyon.France 029France 018

France 2 017

France 2 012

France 036

France 2 013France 055

7.France 2 041

8.France 044

France 2 050

What was your last big trip before you had kids?  If you don’t have kids what was your last big trip?

9 thoughts on “L- Top Ten Lyon, France pics

  1. Kay says:

    Those beautiful pictures! And I remember that trip and you sharing thoughts about it. Just goes to show, we’ve been around for a long time. Ha! Last big trip before I had my kiddo (who I’ve got to stop referring to as a ‘kid’ – she’s 35) – well, we had no money at that time, so probably a visit to our grandparents. LOL

  2. scr4pl80 says:

    Wow, what gorgeous pictures! My last (only) big trip was before I was even married. I went to Alaska with my sister for a family wedding. We spent three weeks there and had a marvelous time.

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