B is for Bullock’s Beloved Blume Breakfast

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movieBreakfast Club, 1985

breakfast clubAs a child of the 80’s and a lover of all things John Hughes, it is no surprise that this is my choice.  I loved all of Hughes’s movies but this is the one that takes me back to high school.  It’s about the stereotypes we want people fall in line with and how much we can grow when they don’t.  Five students were stuck together for an eight-hour detention (I can’t believe this is ever true, is it?) and  they learn more about how much they are alike than different.  At one point in time I had large chunks of this movie memorized and my friends and I would act out the dialogue.  Fun times 🙂  I hope this classic will stand the test of time, but just for fun let’s do a recast…

The Brain – Josh Hutcherson

The Jock – Taylor Lautner

The Prom Queen – Jennifer Lawrence

The Basket-case – Emma Watson

The Criminal – Alex Pettyfer

The Principal – Bryan Cranston

My cut-ff age was 24.  What do you think?  Have any nominations?  Maybe I’ll chance my dream cast 🙂

actorSandra Bullock

I fell in love with her in While You Were Sleeping in 1995 and have had a girl crush ever since.  That movie is one of my go-to comfort movies.  The woman can do little wrong (Except maybe choose better husbands in real life. Never did get the whole Jesse James thing).  She is pretty and funny and has a sparkle in her eye just to let you know that she’s on to you.  The Proposal and The Blind Side are two other favorite performances, she won an Oscar for The Blind Side.  Do you have a favorite Sandy movie?

bookBeloved by Toni Morrison

When I read this in 2012 I fell in love.  The writing is perfection and the story of ex-slaves after the war was heartbreaking and triumphant.  I consider this a must read, but be prepared for a slow start.  Don’t give up, it’s worth the ride.

 Paul D had only begun, what he was telling her was only the beginning when her fingers on his knee, soft and reassuring, stopped him.  Just as well.  Just as well.  Saying more might push them both to a place they couldn’t get back from.  He would keep the rest where it belonged: in that tobacco tin buried in his chest where a red heart used to be.  Its lid rusted shut.  He would not pry it loose now in front of this sweet sturdy woman, for if she got a whiff of the contents it would shame him.  (p. 86)

I just checked the movie out of the library and am anxious to see if  Oprah can do Sethe justice.

authorJudy Blume

I still have my childhood copy of Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret and it’s well-worn.  I don’t know many women my age that didn’t read it.  Blume gets it.  She wrote about getting your period, masturbation, teen sex, divorce. bullies, all things that are still so relevent today.  She didn’t shy away from hot button topics.  I remember a copy of Forever (there was sex!) was passed around in the fifth grade like it was porn and I guess in the fifth grade it was!  I’ve read most of her books for younger teens and even her few adult books (they didn’t work as well for me, but Wifey had t he same embracing of taboo subjects) and consider her a classic children and young adult and pre-teen author.  I wonder how she reads to the new generation. Do they still read her books?


28 thoughts on “B is for Bullock’s Beloved Blume Breakfast

  1. Stephanie N says:

    I actually just watched that movie the other night – I’ve forgotten how good it was. And Judy Blume defined menstruation for most 12 year olds that I am aware of in my day. Who could ever forget the mantra, “I must, I must, I must increase…” Wishful thinking was pretty powerful when you were twelve. LOL

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I should have included that line from Are You There Go, I can’t believe I didn’t! I was surprised when I watched The Breakfast Club a few years ago how well it’s held up over the years. It’s still relevent! When I was trying to recase I realized how few younger actors are even on my radr and it made me feel old.

  2. Literary Feline says:

    Judy Blume was a favorite of mine. I always preferred Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing to Are You There God? It’s Me’ Margaret though. 🙂 I was even more fond of Beverly Cleary though!

    While You Are Sleeping is my go to comfort movie too! I just love Sandra Bullock. And the Breakfast Club? Such a great movie! I can totally see Emma Watson in a newer version of the movie.

    I haven’t read Beloved, but I do want to. I love Toni Morrison’s writing.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I had actually forgotten about Bevery Cleary! I loved her and that Ramona too! I remember Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, but I didn’t read it as many times as Margaret.
      Just writing about While You Were Sleeping made me realize that it’s been too long since I’ve seen it!
      Beloved is my only Morrison SO FAR. I need to get going on that 🙂

  3. Guilie Castillo says:

    OMG, Judy Blume! YES! My Are You There, God fell apart a few years ago, but if I find a copy somewhere I’ll dish out whatever they’re asking. I’d probably do that for several Blume books. Tiger Eye (or was it Eyes? no, that’s a song. oh wait–that’s Hungry Eyes. ok, early-onset Alz :D). Seventeen and In-Between. Blubber. It’s Not The End of The World–read that one at the height of my parents’ “issues”, so that was memorable, and timely. Ah, well, the list goes on 🙂 Great post. Thanks for the memories!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  4. jen says:

    You have a wonderful blog here. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog yesterday. I like Sandra as well. I can’t say she’s my favorite, I don’t really have a favorite actress but my favorite movies of her’s are Hope Floats; .I think that’s a great movie, that and Practical Magic, the Aunts in that one are a riot!!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Well, she is only my favorite B actress (although she’d be up there even without the letter :)). I also loved her in Hope Floats. It’s been too long since Practical Magic for me because I don’t really remember much about it. Hope to read the book soon though.

  5. Louise says:

    I always preferred Pretty in Pink to The Breakfast Club – that might be because of my mega teenage crush on Andrew McCarthy though….

    Love Sandra Bullock, she seems like such a nice person and the kind of girl I’d want to be friends with. I’ve loved her since Demolition Man and thought she was brilliant in Gravity.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Oh, I loved Pretty in Pink and had a crush on McCarthy too! I watched all of the Brat Pack movies back in the day.
      I’d totally want to hang out with Sandra too and was so happy to see what she did with her role in Gravity. It’s difficult to pull off a movie on your own (w/ a little Clooney help) but she managed to do it.

  6. Heather says:

    I love Sandra Bullock. She’s one of my favorites too and While You Were Sleeping is one of the best. ALso a go-to comfort movie for me. I quoted lines and watched it over and over again, still do!

    I think I was a generation after Judy Blume. I don’t ever remember reading or hearing of her stuff, which is a real shame. I need to get on it and read some of these!

    Beloved is on my book shelf. I just know it’s depressing and have been waiting for Spring and Summer which are now upon me!

    Those are some good recasts for Breakfast Club. I’m not sure about Alex for the criminal. He seems too pretty for that role, but I can’t think of anyone else either!

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