C is for Craig Coben’s Christian Crash Confederacy

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Product DetailsAmerican on Purpose by Craig Ferguson. Finished book 4-2-14, rating 4/5, memoir, 268 pages, published 2009

There’s just something about Craig Ferguson that I love.  I don’t often watch his show BUT BG (Before Gage) I was able to catch him more often.  I think it’s the twinkle in his eye, his Scottish accent, and his intelligence that make him so easy to watch.  If you are a fan of his then you should read this book.  It tells of his life growing up in Scotland and his love affair with America from a young age.  He is first rocker, then stand-up comedian, then actor, but through it all he is an alcoholic with a drug problem.  His wrap-up at the end of why he became an American citizen will make you smile,  be a little proud and give some hope for our idealized potential (if you are American).  He tells his stories with humor, embarrassment, appreciation of his good luck, and honesty.  It was good memoir for fans.

This book is in my personal library and I finally read it!


authorHarlan Coben

I fell in love with Coben when I first read Tell No One in 2001 and went on to gobble up everything he wrote.  I had a chance to meet him at a book signing in Houston and he was so personable and funny and so appreciative of all the fans who had turned out that it made me that much more happy to support his career.   I actually purchase his new books in hardcover, one of the few I do that for.

bookA Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Some of you may know this Pulitzer Prize winning book (In 1969, at the age of 32 this college instructor took his own life. It was three years later that his mother found his manuscript and handed it over to Walker Percy. He in turn handed it over to the people who would make it a publishing success.)  The tragedy of how it came to be published adds an extra layer to the book, a books that is full of layers already.  It’s satire, the characters are outrageous and the New Orleans setting is perfect.  Not for everyone, but I laughed, a lot, and fell in love with Ignatius J. Reilly.


actorChristian Bale

He got me as Bruce Wayne in 2005’s  Batman Begins. I have gone on to watch and love him in so many other movies; The Prestige, 3:10 to Yuma, American Psycho.  The man has range and depth and I’m likely to watch any movie that he’s in the cast.  Do you have a favorite Bale movie?

movieCrash, 2004

I saw this many times the year it came out. I loved each of the individual stories and I loved how they all came together.  It made me think about stereotypes and how much one act or person can affect so many others.  It won an Oscar Best Picture and I don’t think you can go wrong with this all-star cast.