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bookOutlander by Diana Gabaldon

In Outlander we are introduced to Claire and her husband Frank as they are taking a second honeymoon in Scotland. In 1945. After viewing a Druid ceremony at a formation of standing rocks, Claire finds herself by the same formation of rocks, but in the year 1743 and in the middle of an English/Scottish skirmish that leaves her thought a whore and kidnapped by a powerful clan. So begins her adventure across the Highlands in a time of turbulent unrest. She is forced to marry Jamie, tried (and almost hung) for being a witch, and is forced to answer the difficult question of “what do you do if you know the future”? This book is full of folklore and political intrigue. Gabaldon really knows her history. As long as you can stomach the rape scenes you’ll love this book.  And probably the rest of the series too.

movieOnly You, 1994

Faith believes in destiny and when the Ouija board and then a crystal ball at a carnival tell her that her soul mate is Damon Bradley she takes it to heart.  Fast forward more than a decade and Faith is about to marry a podiatrist when she takes a message for her fiance from Damon Bradley.  Convinced that it is fate she takes the next plane to Italy to find him.  Only she is always one step behind and must rely on her best friend and a new love interest to help her track down Damon.

This movie was pure romantic escapism.  It was about destiny and finding that one other half of yourself.  Faith’s belief was magical and innocent and it was nicely offset by Peter’s belief that they were meant to be together.  I love stories like this when they are done well and the leads perfect in their roles, like this one.   Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei were great together.

authorKaren E. Olson

She is the author of the Tatoo Shop mystery series, one that I very much enjoyed even though I would never get a tatoo myself.  I was able to meet her at Bouchercon when it was in Cleveland in 2012 and she was lovely.


actorGary Oldman

Whether he plays the good guy or the bad guy he is always compelling  to watch.  He was in one of my favorite movies, The Professional, with the young Natalie Portman, and I also liked him as Gordon in the latest Batman trilogy and as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films.  He’s been on so many movies, do you have a favorite?