Sundays with Gage – Where is home?

My parents moved into their current house before I started 1st grade, that was 1978.  I lived there until I left for college at 18, came back for the next two summers and for 5 months after I graduated from college.  The house holds a lot of memories.  My parents both come from bigger families and many of the them live fairly close by.  When I think of home that’s where I think of, a house full of memories and close to the family I love.  This past weekend we took a very quick trip down for a surprise 40th birthday party for my cousin’s wife (a fun time was had by all, too much for some ;)) and spent maybe our last night there.  My parents will be moving close to us next month.  I am excited for us all, especially Gage, but I will miss that house.

And this leads to the question, where is home?  When I say home now, will it be here, where we make new memories and have cherished family close by or will it continue to be the place I grew up and spent every holiday until age 42?  Time will tell.  Gage loved to go to Papaw’s house but it would mean two and a half hours in the car.  I can’t wait to see the surprise on his face when the trip takes 12 minutes!  They will be living closer to Gage’s school than we do!  Here’s the picture we took before we left for the party last night.  It’s full of great memories and the next people who live there will be lucky to be in a house so full of love.