A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

A Hundred SummersA Hundred Summers. Finished 1-7-14, rating 4/5, historical romantic fiction, 357 pages, pub. 2013

Memorial Day, 1938: New York socialite Lily Dane has just returned with her family to the idyllic oceanfront community of Seaview, Rhode Island, expecting another placid summer season among the familiar traditions and friendships that sustained her after heartbreak.

 That is, until Greenwalds decide to take up residence in Seaview.

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I fell in love with this story right away. The time period, Lily, the complicated friendships, Nick,  the mystery of how it all unraveled.  I was hooked.  I love reading about people who used to take whole summers off somewhere outside the city.  The rich and the idle are such interesting creatures and its fascinating to see how they spend their days.  Only in books though I find the rich and the idle in real life pretty boring.

The love story of Nick & Lily was beautifully written.  Nick was Jewish and while the world pre-WWII might have cared, Lily didn’t.  Lily saw him and fell hard and we find out that Nick fell hard too. I couldn’t understand what could break them apart and then when I did find out I was a little disappointed because it seemed small in comparison to how they felt.   But just like in real life, often misunderstandings or harsh words can cause more damage than they should.

I devoured this book faster than I expected (often books on my Nook only get read a few nights a week in bed) but it did fall apart for me toward the end. The soap opera like quality became too melodramatic for me and while I liked the end, it might have been nice to have more understanding of the characters than excitement over the weather.  I wanted a bit more from Budgie and Lily’s mom.

I loved most of this one but it ended up just a little less than that for me, but I consider myself a new fan and am really looking forward to her first book, Overseas.  It seems most bloggers who read both liked Overseas better.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any romance lover.  Williams knows how to deliver romance for sure!

Question- If you got to spend every summer somewhere else where would you choose?  I’ll reveal my answer in the comments 🙂