Weekends with Gage(‘s obsession)

When given a present to open on Christmas, Gage would take it and say, “There’s a train in here.”  Oftentimes there was, but if there wasn’t not much time or attention was paid and he wanted the next gift because it still had the possibility of  being the love of his 3-year-old life.  He’s pretty single-minded in his love for trains and we’ve attempted to get him hooked on other things and sometimes it works, for a day or a week, but the trains always come back.  In some of the reading we’ve done this last year it is often suggested to feed the obsession and we’ve been doing that but I am trained out.  Yesterday we took Gage to his first model train show or as Gage thinks of it, heaven.  Let’s look at how Gage spent two-and-half bliss-filled hours…


He was so intent that he did not want to take time out to smile for me.  Trains are serious business!

Most of us are obviously crazy about books but is there another obsession that needs fed?  Something that you love as much as Gage loves trains?