We have a WINNER and a charity $100 richer!

Three years ago I started writing my 5 word movie reviews and asking for your input too, tying it to raising money for charity.  I love seeing what you all come up with.  The more participants the more fun!

We hit 100 reviews at 12:15-ish on January 1st and we have a repeat winner!  Heather (Gofita’s Pages) topped the reviews this year with 28!  Way to go Heather 🙂 And thanks to the other 16 of you who added your two cents (and $1 for charity).  So where is the money going?  Let’s hear from Heather…

  • Make a difference close to home. Join your local AFSP chapter.

My charity this year is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. http://www.afsp.org/

I lost my brother to suicide this year and love that there are people and organizations out there who offer support for those affected by suicide and those in crisis, as well as destigmatizing mental illness in general.
I don’t know how many of you know Heather, but if you don’t you are missing out.  When she lost her brother and a good friend weeks apart her post on them both touched me and I think it will you too if you have a few minutes to read it (Life and Death). As we start a new year (even if you are practically snowed in like we are) remember to give more hugs, laugh a little bit more and enjoy life. And if you know of someone who might benefit from this charity I hope you will pass it along to them.  I am honored that I can help in some way – even if it’s only by donating $100 (money is never enough) in Heather’s brother’s name, Blaine.