Saturday Snapshot- Postcrossing

IMG_5090I’ve done a couple of posts on Postcrossing and my love of sending and receiving postcards from around the world.  I’ve received 133 cards from around the world in the 14 months since I started and I decided that I needed a place to keep them all organized by a few different categories so I started another blog Postcarder.  At this point I’m just showing the front, the stamp, and listing whether they told me their favorite book or movie.  It’s bare bones, but I wanted something basic before I received too many cards to deal with.  You can look by country or a few of the categories that I’ve found with the cards.  Maybe I’ll occasionally do a favorites or stats post over there, but I’m not taking the time now.

I would love to receive a postcard from you with a favorite book or movie that I can add to my collection.  You’ll show up on my other blog 🙂  If you need my address just leave a comment and I’ll send it to you and I’ll return the favor 🙂

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