Weekends with Gage and the Big Red Barn

brb1I knew that we’d be visiting the farm again so I decided to have Gage do a few activities to get him excited.  You can see the blue cow he painted in front. The pig he did next was much more refined but not nearly as much fun 🙂  And then I checked Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown out of the library.  Gage loved it!  He knew all of the animals and liked seeing the farm turn from daylight to nighttime, but his favorite page was the seeing the field mouse born in a field of corn.  I liked this book because it had lots of comparisons to introduce or practice (big/little) and counting, and friendship.  The illustrations and colors are perfect for a toddler who can handle more of a story in his picture book.  I don’t think this would be as appealing to kids under 2.

brbHere’s Gage reading the book on the way to the farm.  I know Wise’s book, Goodnight Moon is a classic, but Gage likes this one more than he ever did Goodnight Moon.  I was hoping to get in more farmish activities but the week got away from me.  Do you have any suggestions for next time?

I’ve already posted pics of Gage at the farm so instead I’m adding my favorite photo of the week.  This is Gage when we took him to ride a big new train.  Think he was excited? lodi train

10 thoughts on “Weekends with Gage and the Big Red Barn

  1. Wrighty says:

    Such a cutie!! I bet he had a blast. You’re such a fun and creative mommy! You always have such clever ways to enjoy and learn from a new experience. I grew up on a small farm and my grandparents had a dairy farm so chores and animals were a way of life for us. Does he get to ride or see tractors and wagons, etc while he’s there? That seems especially fun for little boys although I loved that stuff too. Great photos!!

  2. lakesidemusing says:

    It’s great that you did all those activities with Gag to get him ready for his next trip to the farm… what a good mom! We went through countless copies of Goodnight Moon when the girls were little, but I don’t remember reading Big Red Barn. Wonder how we missed that one?!

  3. Literary Feline says:

    I love the idea of getting him ready for his trip to the farm, building his excitement. 🙂 The closest Mouse has been to a farm is the pumpkin patch. I still remember how excited she was about seeing the cow in person for the first time. We’re heading to the L.A. County Fair this coming weekend and are sure to see several farm animals. I wonder which one Mouse will like best . . .

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