Sundays with Gage – Is Gage too young for IT?

So Gage and I have been reading IT for the IT-along.  After about 5 minutes this is what happens.  Do you think he’s too young for IT?  Do you think it’s wrong for me to exploit my child this way just to be entered for a prize?  Discuss.

And over at Marce’s for Thrill Week she has two mystery teasers.  You should see if you can figure them out.

Gage will be back next week all rested up and hopefully not too scarred by his time with the clown.  Here’s my fave Gage photo of the week…


31 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Is Gage too young for IT?

  1. thetruebookaddict says:

    Yay, I’m doing the It-along too! And no, not exploitative. It’s a cautionary tale for him to beware of clowns. Be afraid, Gage, be VERY afraid. LOL! Incidentally, my son’s name is Gabe (one letter off from Gage) and he shares my clown phobia. He was petrified of them when he was real little and is still quite leery of them at age 11. 🙂

  2. Trish says:

    OMG!!!! It’s like that woman who makes these gorgeous room portraits with her baby while she sleeps. I don’t dare even breathe when Elle is asleep for fear that I’ll wake her. Even right now I’m just waiting for my typing to wake her up. Gage is certainly a lot more adorable and sweet than IT!!

  3. Tiny Librarian says:

    Ha, when I saw the title in my in-box, I thought you meant I.T., like information technology! And I thought yes, he probably is…

  4. Leslie says:

    Hahahaa. That is so cute. When I saw the heading I too thought you were going to have him fix your computer. Ah, you’re just going to scare him with a clown! (I haven’t read IT either. I’m not particularly crazy about killer clowns and have been putting that book and movie off for years.)

  5. Wrighty says:

    Heck, no! Exploit away!! Isn’t that what our kids are for? 😀
    I’m kidding of course, but he looks adorable, kids love to be read to and he’s too young to know what it’s about. I did love being scared by this book along with all of Stephen King’s books! Have fun and keep posting those photos of your little cutie! You’ll have plenty of choices for his high school yearbook someday too!

  6. Amy says:

    Haaa Haaa! I LOVE the photo of Gage wearing the clown nose and sleeping next to your copy of IT! And all’s fair in love and war and prize-winning…right?!?! If Gage is enjoying it as you read IT to him then I’d say No worries, go for it! If he is deathly afraid of or hates lowns when he’s 5 or 6…welll…. { :O) }

    Love grandma’s comment…and she’ right!

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