Politics. I’m almost afraid to write this post.

Mandy at The Well-Read Wife decided to start a book club.  She loves Michael Ian Black and he co-wrote a book with Meghan McCain, America, You Sexy Bitch.  These two political opposites decided to travel across the country together in an RV to see what they could find out about the state of our country.  Mandy generously offered the first 47 bloggers who responded a free book for her first book club.  I was happy that I made the cut.

Politics can turn people off and divide people.  I certainly don’t want to make this a political blog, but will give you my political background so that you know where I’m coming from.  I grew up in a Democrat house and called the party my own through my college years.  After college I considered myself an Independent, mainly because I didn’t want any party to think they had my vote just because I labeled myself one way or another.  This past spring I wanted to vote in Ohio’s primary and the only one that meant anything was the Republican ticket so I had to declare myself a Republican to vote in it. I am most certainly a RINO – Republican in Name Only.  So, there you have it, my own 20-some voting years as a little bit of everything.  I obviously consider myself a moderate.  And actually, being a moderate in Ohio during a presidential year gives me a feeling of inflated importance when I listen to any of the news channels.  Or listen to the robocalls.  Or turn on the tv and see any commercial/ad.

I am only a few chapters into this book but wanted to participate in Mandy’s discussion.  I like smart women who speak their minds so I had a general sense of liking Meghan McCain.  I really don’t know much about Michael Ian Black, but I did like him in the tv show Ed a few years ago.  I actually liked Meghan more before I started reading this book.  I found her to be more ideological than I thought she might be.  Michael, although calling himself a Democrat, didn’t seem to be trying to rally readers to his party.  These are my first impressions and they are subject to change.

America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to FreedomI’m choosing one of Mandy’s discussion questions to answer-

2. Michael’s Crocs? Hot or not?  (Michael wore Crocs and linen pants on his trip through Arizona)  I am choosing to answer this one because it is the easiest one of the five.  I love Gage’s Crocs and feel that Crocs are best on kids.  By best, I mean they should only be worn by children.  This may instigate more ill feelings than my thoughts on their gun control or “freedom isn’t free” discussion, but I’m willing to risk it.

I’ll be back with more thoughts as I read, but wanted to acknowledge Mandy and thank her for the chance to be a part of her first book club 🙂  If you have read or are reading the book you can be a part of the book club too!

16 thoughts on “Politics. I’m almost afraid to write this post.

  1. Mary says:

    Moderate here *raising hand* – no party owns my vote 🙂 Crocs only on the little ones but I make an exception for people with feet issues. If crocs are all that work I say go for it!
    You already have me wanting to find the book and read it!!

  2. The Many Thoughts of a Reader says:

    I refuse to join any party but I’m far too liberal for my damn good. I was always worried I’d become a republican as I aged, but thank goodness, I get more liberal.. Unfortunately, I’ve voted in far more Republican primaries than Democrat because I live in uber uber uber super conservative area, so I must, if I want to excercise my vote! We have 5 Republicans running for Sherrif. Not a single Democrat. Basically, our election IS the primary. And I hate crocs.

  3. jennygirl says:

    I am bit of both form each party. I actually think it’s a joke we only have two parties because I feel like neither one is completely for me anyway. Any third party that starts gets labeled “crazy” or something and that’s the end of that.

  4. Literary Feline says:

    Yet another something we have in common! 🙂 I am relatively moderate too (although it really depends on the issue), raised in a Democrat household. My father was actually an Independent most of his voting life, but his views were relatively in line with my mother’s. My husband, on the other hand, was raised in a fairly conservative home–and he, too, is more moderate these days. I tend to vote based on issues rather than down party lines. I’ve been a Democrat, Republican, Green Party member, an Independent, and I’ve even checked the box “Decline to State” at one time or another. 🙂

    I had to look up Crocs because I wasn’t sure what you meant. Yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t like them much–for adults. LOL

  5. kaye says:

    I consider myself as not affiliated with any political party and I like to vote for whomever I choose. This is the first year I had to fill out a form affiliating myself with a party before I was allowed to vote. Previous to this I just had to ask for the party ballot I was interested in.

    Oh and I love Crocs and wear them all the time except when I go out into public. My foot doctor and my chiropracter both tell me they are very good shoes for the foot and body alignment.

  6. gold account says:

    Surprisingly Black comes across as even funnier here than in any of his other books, so much so that I found myself wanting to skim through McCain’s sections to get to Black’s observations. He also comes across as a little pissy, sulking at times – though not nearly as often as McCain, who is either manically cheerful of silently depressed depending on her intake of booze or any perceived slight. Though she has been unfairly marginalized be the most conservative in her own party, she also comes across as remarkably naïve in this book (she can be insightful and intelligent in a lot of her online writings and appearances on MSNBC, but not here). Her philosophy can pretty much be summed up as American flags, Kid Rock, guns, beer and gay marriage = good; the opposites of all those things = bad.

  7. boardinginmyforties says:

    I have to comment on the Crocs…I agree they are best seen on children. A few years ago when I went to Hawaii it seemed that EVERYONE was wearing Crocs and it just wasn’t a good sight! ha!

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