Stephen King Mix-Up quiz – guessing closed

I did this awhile back with Agatha Christie and think Stephen King will be easier.  I’m combining King titles with my favorite game on, Dictionary Devil.  This one is worth 150 points.

Part 1- Each line is a title of a King novel and the word choices will each be used only once.

Part 2-Once you have all the titles list then in order of publication date, starting with the earliest.

You have until noon Sunday to submit your answers as a comment.  Comment will be hidden until I post the answers.  No Googling!

This round will last til August.  The person with the most points will win a B&N gift card (total $ based on # of total participants, so please play) and a randomly selected participant will win a fun prize from me.

Leaderboard and rules here.

Bag   Doctor    Girl   Lisey   Cell   Bones   Half   Under   Tom   Sleep Loved   Things   Dome   Talisman   Kid   Story   Needful   Colorado   Dark   Gordon

1984 The Talisman

1989 The Dark Half

1991 Needful Things

1999 Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

1998 Bag of Bones

2005 The Colorado Kid

2006 Lisey‘s Story

2006 Cell

2009 Under the Dome

2013 Doctor Sleep (I apologize for my trick)