Sundays with Gage – Parties and Allergies

This is Maddie, Gage’s first non-family babysitter and her graduation party was yesterday.  She heads to the University of Dayton in August.

I love parties.  I love to mingle.  I like to talk to everyone there.  Imagine trying to do this with a squirmy kid in tow who only wants to run wild.  And this kid cannot eat anything with dairy or peanuts.  Being only 20 months old he is likely to put anything interesting he finds on a chair, table or floor in to his mouth.  At our last graduation party I barely grabbed a m&m off the floor before he saw it.  Hard to be social when you are trying to be vigilant.

We stopped taking him to church in January because he had graduated to the next nursery (walkers) and when I dropped him off the first time there were kids walking around with their bottles of milk.  I scared the woman who signed him in by telling her that one sip of milk would mean a trip to the hospital for us and after a tense 45 minutes of a sermon I don’t remember we picked him up.  She was holding onto him, reading a book.  It really wasn’t fair to her or the other kids so we’re going to wait.  Wait for the allergy to go away.

Gage’s allergist and tummy doctor disagree on his diagnosis but both think that we should try milk again when he is two (October).  And both of them want him in the ICU hooked up to an IV overnight.  This is not something we want to do but it would be a relief to know if the allergy has gone away.  Maybe then a party would be fun again.  Someday 🙂