Pinteresting with Gage

I finally got on the Pinterest bandwagon, at least I jump on every few days when I have minutes to spare, and my favorite discoveries are the ones I’ve found to share with Gage.  As he gets older I am sometimes at a loss as to help him develop and grow and I have found some great fun ideas. 

Here’s the first one I decided to try (the pin here and the orginal post here), the alphabet box.  I did a few things differently, but the idea is the same.

I started by finding the perfect box (this part was easy since I’m a box hoarder. seriously, stop by if you need some and I’ll hook you up).  I put the letters on the top using stickers.  This week we have just started the alphabet over so I’m showing you my A and B box.  Every night I put the letter of the day, 3 or 4 items that begin with that letter and a notecard with each of these items spelled out.  I then place the box the designated corner between the kitchen and family room. 

Since this is our second time through I will be trying to add at least one new thing for each letter.

After breakfast we go to the letter box and I sing the alphabet song.  After I’m done I ask him to point out or say letters.  After just 24 days he can tell you about half of the letters.

Then we open the box and see what surprises are in store.  He loves the excitement of discovering new things in the box.

I can tell you that this letter box generates happiness all day long.  He will take stuff out and when I find it I just put in back in the box for him to find later.  Before his bedtime story each night we do the same thing with singing the alphabet and going through the box.

When I first tried this I couldn’t believe how much he got into it.  Now he is OBSESSED with letters.  Frankly I am so over Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, but I am amazed at the learning that has taken place in a short amount of time.  Gage is 21 months old but I think this would work with any toddler around his age. 

Because of my success with this pin I’ve decided to join in Trish’s Pin It and Do It Challenge, Round 2.  I’m signing up as a Timid Pinner committing to 1-3 pins.  I look forward to seeing what other fun ways I can help Gage learn.+

Sorry for the funky formatting of the photos.  WordPress does weird things with pics and copy, no matter how many times I try to fix it!