Sundays with Gage – Parties and Allergies

This is Maddie, Gage’s first non-family babysitter and her graduation party was yesterday.  She heads to the University of Dayton in August.

I love parties.  I love to mingle.  I like to talk to everyone there.  Imagine trying to do this with a squirmy kid in tow who only wants to run wild.  And this kid cannot eat anything with dairy or peanuts.  Being only 20 months old he is likely to put anything interesting he finds on a chair, table or floor in to his mouth.  At our last graduation party I barely grabbed a m&m off the floor before he saw it.  Hard to be social when you are trying to be vigilant.

We stopped taking him to church in January because he had graduated to the next nursery (walkers) and when I dropped him off the first time there were kids walking around with their bottles of milk.  I scared the woman who signed him in by telling her that one sip of milk would mean a trip to the hospital for us and after a tense 45 minutes of a sermon I don’t remember we picked him up.  She was holding onto him, reading a book.  It really wasn’t fair to her or the other kids so we’re going to wait.  Wait for the allergy to go away.

Gage’s allergist and tummy doctor disagree on his diagnosis but both think that we should try milk again when he is two (October).  And both of them want him in the ICU hooked up to an IV overnight.  This is not something we want to do but it would be a relief to know if the allergy has gone away.  Maybe then a party would be fun again.  Someday 🙂

35 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Parties and Allergies

  1. Erin James Stratton says:

    Try a dairy free alternative. Our child has never had dairy of any kind and it won’t hurt for him to never have dairy. We process our dairy so far down that I wouldn’t think it is milk lol! I would encourage you to do some research on dairy on your own and not rely on your tummy doctor and allergist. Children don’t “need” milk.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I agree that he doesn’t ‘need’ dairy. He has soy, coconut, and rice milk and cheeses. I’m perfectly okay with keeping him off dairy for several more years, but it is the fear that makes me want to test. At the playground a little girl offered him a goldfish and I had to practically vault in front of her to stop him from taking it. And I’ve already shared my nursery story. If I knew that his allergy had fixed itself I could save myself (and him in the process) a lot of stress. Trust me I have 3 doctors with 3 opinions so I have to rely on my own instincts and research 🙂

  2. Word Lily says:

    This is something I worry about as Asa gets older. No known allergies (yet), but I have celiac, and there’s a genetic component to that. They don’t have it all the way figured out yet, but I’ve also read that exposure, especially early, can increase the likelihood he’ll get the disease. So I don’t want him anywhere near, and especially not being fed, wheat. And yes, one little goldfish or cheerio will hurt.

    Hope he outgrows his allergies (is that likely with the nut one? I don’t think so, alas.). If you figure out ways to feel more secure about his safety, share please?

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Hannah, I hope that little Asa will be allergy free. I hope the same for Gage someday. According to some numbers I’ve found 20% of kids with a peanut allergy outgrow it, so there is hope and virtually all kids with FPIES (his rare milk allergy) outgrow it at some point – we just don’t know at what point that will be!
      I didn’t realize celiac had a genetic component, Gage would still only weigh 20 pounds without Cheerios. They are the one food that has made it trhough all of his various food strikes. Good luck. I’ll keep you posted if I gain any good insight 🙂

  3. Kay says:

    Look at how handsome Gage looks with his “favorite” girlfriend. I know you’ll miss her when she goes to school. Like Diane, I look back on those days when we were all kids – did anyone you knew even have allergies? It’s a strange thing, but it must be so frustrating and, of course, scary. Good luck with keeping those things away from him. Hope he’s able to tolerate milk soon just for the easing of your worry.

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I didn’t know anyone with allergies and now some schools (ours) have one whole class in each grade just for allergy students. The teachers are trained with epi pens and the class parties consist of grapes and carrots. Isn’t that sad? I’m hoping Gage can avoid that!

  4. Mary says:

    Oh Stacy, I hope the allergy goes away (soon!). I understand your reluctance to put him through the scary hospital situation though.

  5. Staci@LifeintheThumb says:

    That has to be stressful for everyone!! I hope that this is an allergy that he will outgrow!! 😀

  6. jennygirl says:

    Gage is a favorite with the ladies! Congrats to Maddie on graduating and good luck in college.

    So sorry to hear about allergies, especially to the two staples of kids meals at this age. I can see why you wouldn’t want to leave Gage with anyone or in a group environment.

  7. Veens says:

    I know! Even today Aarya drops a chocolate or an M&M on the road and cries to get it right back. Going with him to any party is difficult too! But Gage is so adorable little thing 🙂

  8. Tami says:

    Oh, the trials of parenthood! But so worth it. 🙂 Our daughter reacted poorly to milk (still does at age 20) but I didn’t have the fear that you have to deal with. All she was going to get was a tummy ache. I agree that it will probably be worth the hospital stay to know if the allergy is gone. Nice to have that peace of mind.

  9. thebumbles says:

    That handsome devil – I would never put him down, allergies or no allergies. You must have huge arm muscles and hawk-like vision. You, my dear, are a super hero – Super Mom!

  10. Thoughts of Joy says:

    The good news is that there is a good chance that the allergy will go away — instead of him growing into it. It’s a difficult situation, but obviously one that you are able to handle. Look at that big baby hunk! 🙂

  11. boardinginmyforties says:

    I hope those allergies go away soon. I know I had bad food allergies as a kid and don’t have them any longer so hopefully that will prove to be the same for Gage!

  12. Jenners says:

    Denise Richards is your babysitter? Wow!! (She’s a pretty girl.)

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these allergies disappear. I’m sure that milk in particular is a hard one to deal with.

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