Sundays with Gage – Learning is fun

As a first time mom, I am somewhat clueless about how or when babies and toddlers learn things.  Each month I religiously look at the milestones from the What to Expect book, oh wait, Gage is now 18 months and I haven’t looked yet, okay, I ALMOST always take a peek at milestones.  It’s nice to be aware of what should be happening or what’s about to happen, but the books don’t explain everything.

For instance, kinda thought that once I put a straw into Gage’s mouth it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes for comprehension.  I mean, he does suck on a bottle every night, right?  Well, it’s taken weeks and I finally broke down and bought the little juice boxes so I could squeeze it through the straw.  After a few days of this he finally caught on that he could do this himself.  I know he is late to the party and other kids have been doing this forever, but what can I say?  He’s been busy doing other things.

Like he is a master nose blower.  When we tell him to blow he shows off his lung capacity.  But, when he wants to be a big boy and  blow bubbles himself this is a problem.  We tell him to blow and, well, let’s just say that he gets very upset because his nose blowing doesn’t produce any bubbles.  It doesn’t matter how many times this has happened, I get a good laugh every time.

Watching Gage learn is fun.  One thing we have not had to teach him is love balloons.  Here’s a bonus picture of him running around the house like a madman with his balloon.

24 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – Learning is fun

  1. Kay says:

    Ah, Stacy, love your Sunday Gage posts. Such fun. Balloons are great aren’t they? My little Samantha (30 this year – my word, I’m old) loved balloons so very much. However, woe be to anyone who accidentally popped her balloon. My husband’s brother had the unfortunate experience of doing it twice when Miss Sam was between 2 and 3. I think she’s still mad at him. When her grandmother asked her what happened, she turned to her uncle and pointed and said, “That one did it!!”. Gage is getting so big. Thanks for letting us come along as he grows.

  2. Amy says:

    Gage is so cute! I love balloons so, of course, I love that Gage totally enjoys them. A lot of small children are afraid of balloons. I also always find it fascinating and awesome the things children do almost automatically and those things that take them a little more time to get. It varies with each child, of course. In that way you impress me so much, Stacy…you’re a first-time mom but you seem so ground and practical and you don’t freak out over little things. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve had who freaked out when their children didn’t do things when the books said they probably would. You sound like you’re just enjoying watching and helping Gage grow up!
    I hope you have a good week!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Oh dear, Amy. I laughed as I read your comment because I have totally freaked out, especially in that first year. I try not to put my freak-outs on display for everyone to see, but I think most parents have them. I am totally enjoying the little moments more now and trying not to worry as much, but I’m not always so practical 🙂

  3. stacijoreads says:

    That is completely adorable….love those photos and the straw thing is different for every kid!! Love these posts!

  4. Gage's Grandma says:

    I love the pictures, can’t believe how brown his eyes look. It is such a kick to watch him try and learn new things. Absolutely adorable!

  5. Jenners says:

    His eyes are sooooo big in that first photo!! I remember thinking certain things would be easy to teach and they turned out to be quite challenging. Like learning to spit for toothbrushing took FOREVER! Of course, that could just be my kid! And one thing I learned is never ever try to compare your kid with others or milestones … eventually it all evens out.

  6. rhapsodyinbooks says:

    Yes, what big eyes he has! And unlike Gage, I had a hard time with nose blowing! I STILL haven’t mastered it! LOL I even remember it took me FOREVER, and for my nieces too! Another one was finger snapping – I don’t think I’ve mastered that one yet either! And whistling – TOTALLY can’t do it! Maybe you could enter me and Gage together in some classes?

  7. thebumbles says:

    I do that too – look right to the book to see what kinds of things to expect or to know ways to help put Sammy into good learning opportunities so he’ll be able to figure things out. Our neighbor’s son is a few days older than Sammy so it is hard not to compare the two developmentally. Their son can pull up and crawl while Sammy is still belly spinning around in circles. Sammy sleeps all night and has teeth while their son does not yet. But they both are so happy and healthy and making their way in the world at their own pace. I always try to help Sammy along, but don’t want to rush him – even looking back a photos from a few months ago amaze me at how quickly he has changed. I get such a kick out of following along with Gage’s life – it is a terrific way for me to find out what to expect next!!! Give him a big smooch for me.

  8. Stephanie D. says:

    There are so many milestones – I wish I had paid more attention and recorded every thing, big or small! How amazing that you’ve been able to chronicle such details as you have about Gage’s growth.

  9. Wrighty says:

    Gage just gets more handsome every day! What a cutie pie!! It’s always hardest with the first one, wondering and worrying about everything. With kids #2 & #3 I didn’t have the time or the energy! 😀

    Just like with all of us, he will excel at some things and take longer to learn others. My kids took forever to blow their noses. They always sucked in instead of blowing out! Enjoy the ride with your little man. It goes by so incredibly fast. My boys are already 19, 21 & 23 but I have two little grandchildren to spoil now. And it’s amazing!

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