Sundays with Gage – Belly Buttons and Zippers

Gage loves belly buttons and zippers.  We thought it was cute and encouraged his interest by letting him lift our shirts and push our belly buttons to make us laugh.  Same with zippers.  Why not let him try to zip up mom’s jacket?  Oh, the dark side of cute toddler obsession.  Several times now at My Gym or library storytimes Gage will go up (only to little girls) and try to unzip whatever they are wearing.  So far, none of them have been too happy about it.  The moms all laugh and tell Gage he’s going to have to wait a few years before the girls will like it.

Last Sunday my best friend from college and one-time Arlington, Virginia roommate and his family stopped by for a visit on their way back home.  There wasn’t a zipper in sight, but when their daughter said hi Gage thought a proper greeting would be to lift up her shirt and look for her laugh button.  I didn’t capture it on film but you can see from these pictures that he really thinks they had something special.

He’s already working on his moves for the ladies 🙂