World Book Night/Day

I handed out my last book at 4:40 at Walgreens.¬† World Book Night was a success ūüôā¬† I chose The Glass Castle and Jason reminded me last night about how I came to read The Glass Castle.¬† Jason is not a big¬†reader, but in the break room at his office there is always a pile of 20 or so books for people to take/exchange and one day he brought home¬†a random book for me to be sweet.¬† I had seen the book on a few blogs but, not being a memoir reader, never thought I’d read it.¬† But you all told me I had to and when I did I was blown away and it ended up being one of my favorites of the year.¬† So, we’ve come full circle.¬† Someone put the book out there to¬†be found¬†and read, I did, and today I got to put the same¬†books out there to inspire 20 more¬†people to read.

I handed out books at the dermatologist, wine store, dry cleaners, and Walgreens.  Everyone was so excited.  I will say it was hard to really differentiate the reader from the non reader when giving them away.  I tried my best.  And it was weird to say World Book Night when I was handing them out at 1 pm!