Sundays with Gage – April Fooling

We took Gage to the library and he had a blast in the large kids area pushing a shopping  cart around and playing with the train set, but no matter how distracted he was he always came back to the girl reading in the fire truck.  He was mesmerized and would watch her until we pulled him away!

In honor of the day I’ll give you 5 Gage statements and you can see if you can tell the truth in the lies.  I’ll reveal the one true statement in a few days.

1. Gage likes his Mom to chew his food and spit it in his mouth, ala Alicia Silverstone.

2. Gage crawls out of his crib every few nights.

3. Gage brushes his own teeth at night.

4. Gage rocks out to La Bamba.

5. Gage is the tallest kid in his My Gym class.