Sundays with Gage – Family

I asked my mom if she’d come up and Gage-sit while I went to the British Tea, an annual charity fundraiser put on by New Clevelanders.  This is the newcomers club I’ve belonged to for 10 years and I’m currently the club’s historian, aka photographer.

My mom decided to invite my aunt Judy, my aunt Betty and cousin Kelly too.  So, the foursome arrived on Wednesday and left on Friday and, of course, I wait until they are getting ready to leave before snapping a photo.  Seems like Gage is always getting photographed in his high chair, but I guess that’s the only place he’s still enough.

Gage is going to be an only kid and I wish we lived just a little closer to my family.  It’s a little less than 2 1/2 hours and that’s great for weekend trips, but not as easy for stop-ins.  I want Gage to be surrounded by his extended family and I am always so thankful when they visit.  Gage always loves an appreciative audience and they were definitely that 🙂