Sundays with Gage- Thanksgiving

Gage is thankful for…

Naps (especially since he’s still napping with mom, dad, or grandma)

Doting Grandparents


Cabinet doors, these cannot be opened and closed enough.

Urgent Care.  A quick trip on Saturday proved that his rash and fever were a non-serious virus.

College football.  The Spartans are in the Big Ten Championship next week.  Go Green! He is less thankful for Ohio State’s loss in the Big Game yesterday.  He may have heard a few words he shouldn’t have.

Pictures of himself.  They make him smile every time.

Family.  He missed his great grandma at Thanksgiving dinner, but liked visiting her in the rehabilitation center.


Bath time.  Never saw a kid who liked to splash so much.

Doting Grandparents.  Yes, he’s thankful twice.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  We spent Wednesday-Saturday back home and had a great time.


18 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage- Thanksgiving

  1. Gage's Grandma says:

    Gage is very thankful for his wonderful parents! You and Jason are the best. The doting grandparents loved having him here for Thanksgiving. He always makes us smile!

  2. Trish says:

    ooooh! This post made me smile. Gage is such a little angel. Does he get a kick out of seeing himself in the mirror? I’m not sure Elle knows she’s looking at herself, but she just laughs and laughs when we’re facing a mirror.

    Grandparents are the best, huh?

  3. Margot says:

    What a great “thankful” list Gage has. It sounds like he is beginning his life with a great perspective and appreciation for the simple things in life – like the joy of banging cabinets.

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